London Bombing Terrorist Attacks - British Newspaper Owner Highlights the Importance of Responsible Media Coverage.

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Fowarding Unnesescary terror by media causes stress and ill health.

Serious health concerns were raised today in London by media professionals as a result of media coverage resulting from the terrorist attacks.

For many years the effect of bad news on people has been a subject of intense debate among people journalists and media professionals. In London today as the stark contrast of the elation and joy in the capital caused by London winning the Olympic bid turned to the horror of today's shocking terrorist reality, the hidden additional but nevertheless very real threat of the media itself contributing to the chaos, came sharply into focus. TV Radio and print media channels immediately sprung into their habitual routine of pumping out a solid communication diet of terror chaos and upset on all channels.

Triggering stressful memories of past upsetting incidents the media machine forwarded chaos and contributed and heightened the climate of fear.

Mr. John Mappin, a British newspaper owner, has been at the forefront of highlighting this important media issue.

“Today is a day when we have seen the worst of human nature and the best possible human qualities on display.”

Said, John Mappin, Chairman of United National Newspapers.

“The courage and resolve of those who refuse to allow terrorism to cloud their understanding of man's basic goodness will be the key factor that determines whether we rise or fall as a result of this day.”

“It is extremely important that the media who report such tragedy do not fall into the trap of forwarding the terror and fear unnecessarily. For in so doing they themselves become merchants of chaos serving those who would have us hate.”

“When news organizations fall into the trap of electrifying their audiences they at once also start to serve those who would wish to divide us.”

"Unnecessary repetition of tragedy on news channels only adds to and causes stress and increased trauma for people."

"Factually it can make people extremely sick and ill."

"Terrorists understand this and rely upon such ignorance within media channels to further the negative effects that their actions create."

"As owners of United National Newspapers we are committed to forwarding positive news that benefits mankind. We call upon all media professionals to challenge ourselves once again to gain additional understanding from the events of today."

"Let’s realise that the knee jerk political reactions of 9/11 did not work and where they were lacking in reason they have lead to more violence. Most importantly, let us realise as media professionals that what we choose to forward on one continent can have a dramatic effect on another."

"When we forward unnecessary terror we are ourselves contributing to the chaos stress and ill health of the world."

"Today we have a choice as media professionals to contribute to and forward the cycle of violence or to take a higher wiser road."

“It indeed takes the greatest wisdom possible to see good in a terrible thing. But perhaps this is the important opportunity afforded the world on this day.”

“To love in spite of every possible reason and invitation to hate is the road to true greatness.”

“And, may very well be, as one wise man wrote, the greatest secret in this universe.”

“Revenge and retaliation are acts of foolishness and do not result in the peaceful world which all sane men desire.”

“As a Newspaper Group we feel that it is time to really call to account and question all those who are engaged in both the creating and forwarding a climate of fear and chaos and to question if the practice of forwarding and the needless repetition of terrifying stressful news is really helpful to the people and the audiences that we serve.”

“Delivering the news to a nation or to a planet is a valuable duty and a tremendous responsibility.”

“It is something that we all, to some degree, share.” Said Mr. Mappin.

In London and around the world people are becoming increasingly affected by the "diet" of communication that they receive on a daily basis.

An unhealthy communication diet affects a person's state of mind.

As observed today in London and around the world it is now clear that "the communication diet" has a great deal to do with the health and welfare of individuals and global populations. United National Newspapers is not alone in calling for more investigation on the effects created by the unnecessary forwarding of negative news and for tremendous care and thought to be invested in the forwarding of all news during such incidents.

United National Newspapers.

For more details contact John Mappin 07770 671 650.

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