100 Blogs in 100 Minutes: Are You Multi-blogging?

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Bloggers this month will be introduced to the "King of Content" and the "King of Ping" as a new multi-tasking web software breathes fire into that internet jungle we call the blogosphere. Just as multi-media, multi-vitamins, multi-level and multiple other innovations have made their mark across many industries, "multi-blogging" is anticipated to impact the way people and businesses blog in a big, big way.

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Blog-zilla, King of Content... as if waiting for a powerful monster to arise from the sea, bloggers and entrepreneurs have been lining up in great anticipation of a new web-based multi-blogging service called Blog-zilla. When Blog-zilla steps ashore later this month, bloggers will no longer be bound to one or two blogs, rather they will enter an age of multi-blogging where with nominal extra effort, running 100 blogs might become the norm.

"Will this breathe fire into the communication and business needs of thousands of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and online businesses?" "You bet", says Dan Hollings, the man in the rubberized suit behind Blog-zilla. "There are people that make their living online by targeting niche markets and blogs make that easier. Some are small businesses, others run home businesses; and there are many that supplement their income through affiliate programs and contextual ads, like Google's Adsense program. Blogs have become an important tool for all these people, yet maintaining even one blog on a regular basis is time consuming."

After struggling for months to run several different blogs and being overwhelmed with maintenance and content creation challenges, Mr. Hollings dreamed up the idea of a tool that would simplify and multiply the process. First he checked with the big blog providers to confirm they would allow for multiple blogs (they all did, and most were free); then he set out to create the multi-blogging tool.

Dan's hands-on experience in web system design and internet marketing all came into play as the Blog-zilla idea was slowly hatched and went into beta testing. As anticipated, the results were monstrous. The first week, Dan posted unique content to 100 blogs, and again the next week, and the next. What used to take 1 hour to write and post to a single blog, now took two hours, but it was posted to 100 blogs.

"We're not talking duplicate content here" stresses Mr. Hollings, "Blog-zilla is much smarter than that. We are talking about unique content generated by using original content as the basis yet personalizing each post to the specific blog and it's niche target audience." Let's say a mortgage broker or lender wants to run a blog about the best ways to shop and find a good home loan. He or she might write weekly articles or tips that are posted to a "Mortgage Tips" blog. Yet, a customer shopping for a mortgage or home loan would certainly prefer to read tips that were targeted for their specific area, state or region, right? "Mortgage Tips for Home Buyers in California" would have a strong appeal to people in California, yet the loan shopper in Nevada would tend to like the blog: "Finding The Best Home Loan in Nevada." It's all about targeting.

The question for bloggers is simple: Would you invest twice the time to prepare your content for Blog-zilla, if when you clicked the "post to my blog" button, it posted your content in a unique yet targeted manner to 10, 20, 30... or 100 blogs? If the answer is yes, Blog-zilla is for you.

Blog-zilla is a web-based program that works tirelessly to help you reach your internet marketing, blogging, and revenue goals. It multiplies your capabilities so that you may create lots of quality content. As your assistant, it makes publishing highly targeted content for your readership easy. It automates all posting and with your help creates 'intelligent' non-duplicate content. If desired, Blog-zilla will also post or incorporate RSS feeds to embellish your blogs' content.

Blog-zilla will post to: Blogger.com, WordPress, TypePad, MovableType and Blog Harbor... any combination, any number of blogs you wish to set up.

Just as in the movies, one might expect that Blog-zilla would have a co-star. After all, posting to your blogs is only half the equation. Blogs need to be accessible to internet searchers and the technology that tells the world that you've just made a new post is called a "Ping."

Pinging lets dozens of services (like search engines, tagging systems and blog aggregators) know you've updated your blog which can significantly increase traffic to your blog. Typically after a ping goes out, you'll find dozens of search engine spiders crawling your blog site within 24 hours.

These pinging services are designed specifically for tracking and connecting blogs with people. However, to manually contact every pinging service each time you post is too time consuming.

So, while Blog-zilla helps create and post your blog content; he calls upon the help of "Ping Kong" to send a PING to each service letting them know you've updated all your blogs.

Some say it's a jungle out there and blogs have become the king of the jungle. We agree, but when it comes to multi-blogging, Blog-zilla is the "King of Content."

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