Shifting Calories, Not Eliminating Them, Leads to Rapid and Safe Weight Loss

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It is now possible to lose a substantial amount of weight quickly, by simply shifting the amount and type of calories consumed each day.

Smart carbohydrate and low calorie weight loss methods have finally merged to form the new face of weight loss. The "Weight Loss For Idiots” diet system has become a very popular dieting system and for good reason. This innovative method of weight loss is not unhealthy or faddish, but in fact contains clinically proven methods that shock the metabolism into burning fat more efficiently. The result is rapid weight loss. Dieters are never hungry and are able to eat until they are satisfied. This means no unrealistic starvation tactics or requiring individuals to eliminate entire food groups in order to shed unwanted pounds.

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Research has shown that by rotating eating patterns, the metabolism is unable to adjust and instead of storing fat, it forces itself to burn it. The metabolism works much like a thermostat. It is always attempting to adjust itself so that it only burns the exact amount of calories that a person eats each day. This is what makes weight loss so difficult. The body's natural preservation mechanisms are built to resist large amounts of weight loss.

To counteract the body's physiology, the "Weight Loss 4 Idiots" diet has generated a list of fat burning compatible foods and have incorporated them into its' patented weight loss plan. Because these foods are fat burning compatible, there are no caloric limits. Individuals may eat any of these foods until they are "satisfied".

The "Weight Loss 4 Idiots" diet even makes available an online meal generator which creates menus that automatically directs the user to what they should eat each day. The generator ensures that calories are shifted every few days as required. All the work is done for the participant.

Fat loss occurs when individuals eat the right number of meals, shift the types of foods and the amount of calories eaten every few days. The new "Weight Loss 4 Idiots" Diet provides these exact components, which if followed, will allow individuals to lose up to 9 lbs every 11 days.

"Weight Loss 4 Idiots" is a patented diet created by Internet Made Simple, 537 Newport Center Drive, Suite 626,Newport Beach California, 92660.

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