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For bankruptcy lawyers and other professionals, a roadmap to the practice of law under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005

Bankruptcy lawyers are scrambling to master the fine points of the new, complicated reform legislation that becomes effective on October 17 this year. The best way to avoid panic is to sort it all out well ahead of its effective date.

Among other things, the Reform Act imposes important added accountability on lawyers for the accuracy of the information provided in the bankruptcy documents. And, it adds to the lawyer's tasks a complex calculation to determine whether the debtor has enough disposable income to be forced into chapter 13 - a court-approved repayment plan, instead of the simpler chapter 7.

Morgan King's Guide to Practice takes the lawyer, by the numbers, through the 500 plus pages of the Act, and provides a roadmap of 10 steps to handling a case under the Act.

King is best known for his flagship book, Discharging Taxes In Bankruptcy, published by KingsPress and distributed by Bankruptcy lawyers across the nation consider that book the "bible" on discharging taxes. King speaks regularly on this topic at the annual convention of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, as well as many state bar and other professional organizations of bankruptcy lawyers.

The newly published Guide to Practice consists of 400 pages, including 5 flow-charts, 7 checklists, and 5 model disclosure statements, plus a CD containing the text of the Bankruptcy Reform Act, the IRS Financial Collection standards required for the “means” test, and the House Judiciary Committee Report on the legislation.

October 17 is rushing at us! Are you prepared for a whole new way of handling cases?

Get fast answers to questions like these:

What are the new advertising restrictions? Page 72

What are the 5 new disclosure statements? Page 74

What are the 9 new documents that must be filed? Page 78

What are the 22 new deadlines to calendar? Page 210

What are the new lawyer accountability rules? Page 32

How do you do the means test? Page 130

When is the means test not required? Page 125

When is the automatic stay dissolved? page 227

How do you handle the initial client interview? Page 86

And so much more!

How to handle new threshold questions that must be answered to determine whether the client will be forced into Chapter 13; how to do calculations under the “means” test; how does the Act reduce or eliminate the super-discharge of Chapter 13? Are any debtors exempt from some provisions of the Act? How are claims treated under the Act? What are the “traps for the unwary”? What are the new accountability provisions that affect lawyers? Debtors? How does the Reform Act impact the discharge of taxes?

King's “roadmap” to handling cases . . . a step-by-step practical guide to the important provisions of the Act.

PLUS a unique feature ... the text will be constantly subject to peer review ... any reader may easily submit suggestions, corrections or questions online at The text will be updated accordingly.

The book is available at or

CONTACT: Morgan King, Editor

King Bankruptcy Media

(925) 829-6460


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