ISARTOP Forms and Presses Application for United Nations Recognition

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Paranormal study group hopes acknowledgement from international body will help legitimatize scientific studies into alternate dimensions and realities. The International Scientific Association of Researchers into Transcendental Objective Phenomena coalesced around the work of Dr. Emanuel Angelo Toriello, a charismatic humanitarian, former Franciscan friar and at present scientist, who has made transcommunication a subject for serious inquiry.

(PRWEB) July 11, 2005 – The United Nations recognized a third world, but will member nations acknowledge a fourth dimension? If Dr. Toriello and his collaborators are successful, they will.

Members of the International Scientific Association of Researchers into Transcendental Objective Phenomena met in London to confirm plans for their new group and press their claim for United Nations recognition. The group, which inaugurated at a February meeting, is dedicated to studies into psychic and transcendental objective phenomena.

Their mission statement is “to bring about a measurable improvement in international understanding and human relations, through the promotion of universal harmony, together with the sharing of knowledge and scientific basis of transcendental research on a fully worldwide basis.”

Dr. Toriello determined he needed a group to continue with his work. His main study involves an investigation into Direct Radio Voices, a means of communicating with those from beyond and a device of great humanitarian potential. It was featured in the 2005 film, "White Noise." Dr. Toriello continues to prove the viability of the voices through demonstrations in which grieving parents can speak to their departed children.

Dr. Toriello has lived a life befitting an international secret agent thriller character. Born in France, Dr. Toriello worked to become a Franciscan friar. He subsequently left the church, but ventured into fields as wide ranging as show business and investigative journalism, where he developed a series of close ties to international intelligence networks. He also became an outspoken voice against all forms of child sexual abuse in the church, instituting, in 1996, the first free help-line service for victims of abuse by priests which caused him to be subsequently pestered by the church. The result of a joint investigation by journalists of different countries led to Dr. Toriello person as one of the key element who has determined the public exposition of the scandal which has seen involved the USA’s churches for their paedophilic activities, through a persistent constant covertly work of years in denouncing such abuses to the concerned authorities.

Dr. Toriello holds a variety of degrees, including a doctorate in criminal justice and an LLM. In 1986, he started work with Marcello Bacci (a veteran researcher) on the direct voice project and in 1989 submitted it to the United Nations.

Among I.S.A.R.T.O.P founder members are Robin Foy and Sandra Foy, prominent researchers into physical psychic phenomena part of to the famous Scole Experiment Group; Alex Zampieri, IT and Computer Consultant; Amerigo Festa, lawyer and serious EVP/DRV researcher; Dr. Adrian Klain, prominent Israeli surgeon and long-standing researcher of EVP/ITC/DRV; Mr. Martin Marshall, English film-maker, and Mario Festa, physicist, as an external collaborator. Present at the London’s inaugurating meeting and supporters were Lewis Elbinger, American diplomat; Dr. Anabela Cardoso, a major EVP/DRV researcher, who is also the Portuguese Consul at Vigo in Spain; professor David Fontana, an ex president of the Society for Psychical Research in the United Kingdom; Hans Shaer, a Swiss lawyer and businessman, long-standing researcher of EVP/ITC and Swiss coordinator of I.N.I.T.; John and Maryse Locke, Paris-based EVP/ITC researchers; Dennis and Rosalind Pearman, founders and coordinators of the new Zerdin Fellowship.

There is no timetable for United Nations approval and Toriello began the process in 1989. I.S.A.R.T.O.P members hope their work will contribute mightily to humanity and hope humanitarian recognition by the U.N. will legitimize and further their work. Moreover, according Dr. Toriello's holistic vision, the correct and right knowledge of human nature and its existential dimension can lead man to reach a level of sublime human relations with a consequential organic human moral growth for the evolution of the stream of human thoughts and attitudes.

Attached to Dr. Toriello’s proposal there was also a document where he denounced those who improperly use his and allied work. In it, he stressed the necessity of such impelling recognition of an official scientific research organism to prevent fraudulent activities on the part of sects, occultists, astrologers, clairvoyants, mediums, pseudo-and-religious organizations, due to the lack of (or false) knowledge and ignorance about the so-called paranormal. This lack of knowledge is very prolific in our society today and poses a great threat by aiming to proselytize, affiliate or convert people to any sort of captivating doctrine, philosophy, or ideology by means of moral subjugation through any means.

An institution of transcendental scientific department, working under the aegis of the U.N., could properly regulate the disproportionate growth of such threatening human-organizations which, behind their social, educative mission statements lies a more devious and dangerous reason than the greed. They are subject to “the ambition for attaining leadership with all its perverted and deviant longings for power and fame,” according to Toriello.

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