LuminOre ‘Mussels Out’ Bio-Fouling in Great Lakes

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The prolific spread of zebra mussels throughout the Great Lakes and beyond is a multi-billion dollar menace for business and industy. Yet, testing with a new composite metal application by LuminOre Industrial & Marine Coatings Inc. suggests the zebra mussels may quickly lose their footing.

Most of the power plants and industrial facilities in the United States were built without a bio-fouling predator present in the waters, so when the prolific Zebra Mussel spread throughout the Great Lakes and beyond, it quickly became a multi-billion dollar menace plugging up pipes that conduct water to towns, factories and steam turbines. However, excitement over a new composite metal application offered by LuminOre Industrial & Marine Coatings Inc. of Ventura, Calif., indicates it could be the solution to the Zebra Mussel problem.

Recent research involving LuminOre Industrial & Marine Coatings indicate the company’s protective coatings to be an excellent deterrent to marine organisms attaching themselves to ship hulls or structures beneath the water line. In documented testing, a LuminOre® coating has all but nullified the effects of the mussels, suggesting that the technologically advanced coatings can provide new options for the shipping industry as well as power plants and other industrial facilities that depend on water intake systems.

Bret Solomon of Solomon Diving in Monroe, Mich., attributes 50 percent of his business to cleansing underwater structures of Zebra Mussels, and he has seen firsthand the catastrophic impact that Zebra Mussels can have on industry. He explains that Zebra Mussel infestation actually places industrial facilities in jeopardy of completely shutting down, and he has seen industrial plants try everything from chemical treatments, scraping and power blasting to custom-building two-ton screens made of solid copper. Yet, Solomon believes LuminOre coatings are the future solution to the Zebra Mussel problem.

“Five years ago, we installed LuminOre-coated test plates underwater on an off-shore structure in the Great Lakes,” says Solomon, who has helped municipalities and industry fight Zebra Mussel infestation in the Great Lakes for nearly 20 years. “The plates were positioned in a heavily-encrusted Zebra Mussel environment, and since that time, I’ve documented and monitored their condition. And, after five years, the test plates have stayed completely clean and free from Zebra Mussel infestation. These are fascinating results.”

LuminOre Industrial & Marine was founded to develop industrial and marine coatings based on various metals, including copper, and apply those coatings through a patented cold-spray application process bringing cutting-edge, molecular technology to the issue of marine fouling.

“We’re committed to developing sophisticated coatings that are more efficient and cost-effective than any other marine applications currently available,” explains Terry Gould, president of LuminOre Industrial & Marine Coatings Inc., an official licensee of the patented LuminOre process. “LuminOre’s cold-sprayable process allows a thin layer of metal to be applied over any substrate, in virtually any configuration or design. Our coatings look, feel and act like hot-cast metal, yet no heat is needed in application. Once cured, our coatings have many of the characteristics of a hot-cast metal — such as copper — including characteristics, texture, luster and heat conductivity, and they are also non-galvanic and non-leaching.”

Licensed through LuminOre Inc. of Vista, Calif., LuminOre composite metals are applied using conventional HVLP or plural component spray equipment, and are available in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, nickel-silver, stainless steel, X-metal and Z3. LuminOre coatings can be directly applied as a retro-fit or during the molding process when building a boat, and LuminOre marine materials can be used on fiberglass and wood as well as steel and aluminum because there is no galvanic reaction.

All toxicology tests have been conducted and EPA submission is still on-going for the LuminOre copper product and, therefore, not yet available for distribution in the United States. For more information on LuminOre Industrial & Marine Coatings or LuminOre products, visit or contact Terry Gould at 805.654.9351.

Located in Ventura, Calif., LuminOre® Industrial & Marine Coatings Inc. is a licensee of LuminOre Inc., specialists in composite metals. LuminOre’s patented, cold-metalizing process seamlessly applies to almost any surface, giving the look of solid metal casting without the weight and expense. In addition, the extremely versatile LuminOre applications provide long-term protection for chemical tanks, potable water storage, industrial facilities and in harsh marine environments. For more information on LuminOre protective coatings and metallic finishes, call Terry Gould at 805.654.9351 or visit

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