A Candy Inventor’s Dream

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The incredible, edible straw is here and Publicite Ad Factory is rolling it out.

MONTREAL, July 14, 2005 – Imagine a drink straw that adds flavor to one’s beverage. Better yet, imagine that one can eat this same straw – just like a piece of their favorite candy – as soon as the drink is finished!

New and now available in North America, the SlikaStik is about to change the way people drink their beverages. These delicious, scrumptious, edible candy straws come in an assortment of stock flavors and work best with cold drinks, allowing people to transform, for example, an ordinary glass of milk into a magnificent cotton candy taste experience. Or take a plain glass of water and a strawberry SlikaStik and presto, one has a strawberry treat!

“It’s really very simple,” says Publicite Ad Factory President & CEO Andrew Severs. “This incredibly, environmentally friendly product is actually an edible candy straw that adds its flavor to whatever one is drinking. When they finish their drink, they eat the straw. That means there is no straw to throw away and less plastic or paper to go into a landfill.”

Stock SlikaStik flavors include: Blueberry, Chocolate Mint, Cotton Candy, Strawberry and Vanilla. But the choices are limitless as flavors can be customized, if desired – use a custom, limited-edition flavor for special events or limited-time promotions.

“This is a unique and successful product that we sourced out from the United Kingdom,” says Mr. Severs. “It is amazing and unbelievable. When you first look at the product, you would say that’s impossible – to create a delicious, edible yet practical straw. It looks solid and there is no hole for the liquid to move up the straw! People think I’ve gone off my rocker but with a creative imagination anything can be possible. Like the Brits would say, ‘you’re absolutely bonkers if you expect me to believe that this solid piece of candy can be a drink straw!’ But should a client hesitate, I just tell them to give it a try. Once they do, they’re hooked.”

The SlikaStik secret is that the straws have no holes at first. But as one uses the straw, it starts to become hollow and the more it is used the larger the hollow portion, or hole, becomes.

The straws are perfectly suited for specialty or candy retailers. They make excellent choices for birthday parties, fundraising projects or just as a surprise to put a smile on a child’s face. Bars or nightclubs can offer them as an adult treat through innovative drink promotions – as the straws tend to lend their flavor to the respective beverages, they’ll add a little kick to the drink.

SlikaStik, however, is not to be used with hot beverages. A version, made with Isomalt, is available for people who can’t eat regular sugar products.

“The major dilemma consumers will have with this product is deciding whether to eat the straws like an old fashioned candy stick or use it as a drinking straw before eating it,” says Mr. Severs. “And what a fun dilemma that is to have! Plus, unlike plastic or paper straws that end up in the trash, our straws just end up in your tummy!”

Even though the product is ideal for kids, adults can have a blast with them too. Check out our websites at either http://www.apartment1g.com (ad free) or http://www.members.tripod.com/globalfun (with ads) to get a taste of what goodies are in store for your customers and clients.

“We’ve done confectionery products for our clients before,” says Mr. Severs, pointing to promotional and corporate gifts that have proved popular in the past. “But we’ve never seen anything like this before. Further when I was younger, I dealt with a large selection of candy offerings when I worked for my father’s wholesale confectionary distributorship during my summer holidays. Even then there was a lot of choice out there but nothing compares to these amazing and tasty straws.”

With these straws no drink, party or promotion will ever be dull again. Amazingly, the edible straws still allow people to blow bubbles into their beverages just like they did when they were little kids – with a regular straw.

The amazing, incredible, edible SlikaStik. It will change the ordinary into the extraordinary!

SlikaStik and the United Kingdom

These straws have been a hit in the United Kingdom where they have fascinated supermarket shoppers and have been an attention getter in card shops. They’ve also worked well as part of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party. In every case, once kids tried them, they loved them.

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