Peyton Place Is Reborn in New Novel by Author Barbara Delinsky

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LOOKING FOR PEYTON PLACE, the new novel by bestselling author Barbara Delinsky, plunges readers into the world of small town scandal and deadly corruption in a small New Hampshire town that believes it was the model for the orginal Â?Peyton Place.Â? In fact, Grace Metalious plays a central role in DelinskyÂ?s novel, and the storyline evokes the spirit of Â?Peyton PlaceÂ? and its creator. This Scribner hardcover, is scheduled to appear on bookstore shelves July 12th. A DVD is offered free to any qualified book club or book group that plans to discuss the book.

Peyton Place lives! The 1956 blockbuster book that shocked the nation is reborn in bestselling author Barbara Delinsky’s new novel, LOOKING FOR PEYTON PLACE. This Scribner hardcover, scheduled to appear on bookstore shelves July 12th, plunges readers into the world of small town scandal and deadly corruption, evoking the spirit of ‘Peyton Place’ and Grace Metalious, its creator. The link to Peyton Place is so strong and the hot button issue of mercury poisoning is so current that the author expects LOOKING FOR PEYTON PLACE a popular book club selection. To that end, Delinsky will send a free DVD to qualified book clubs that plan to discuss the book. Moreover, her website contains all sorts of juicy details about the Peyton Place connection.

“Of the many books I’ve written, I’ve never received as much immediate interest from any title as I have from this one, “ says Delinsky. “Mention LOOKING FOR PEYTON PLACE to people, and eyes light, brows raise, smiles form. ‘Peyton Place’, both the fictitious town and the book, has become something of an American icon. Even those born long after the book’s heyday know its name.”

As the 50th anniversary of its publication approaches, “Peyton Place” continues to titillate the American psyche with its glimmer of scandal and passion. The very name of Peyton Place pops up in references that range from a Newsweek cover story about the new television hit, Desperate Housewives, to the Clinton impeachment hearings.

“I remember giggling over the pages of “Peyton Place” with friends who had sneaked it from their mothers’ nightstands,” Delinsky notes. “My fascination with Grace Metalious, however, didn’t grow until I was a writer myself, plotting a book about a small town secrets. I reread “Peyton Place” to see how Grace had done it, using her book as my guide. It was only as the years passed – and writing books about small town scandals become my trademark – that I grew enamored of the woman herself.”

In fact, Grace Metalious plays a central role in Delinsky’s novel, LOOKING FOR PEYTON PLACE. Set in Middle River, a small New Hampshire town that believes it was the model for “Peyton Place,” the book traces the journey of native Annie Barnes, whose mother and grandmother were purported to be the two major characters in ‘Peyton Place’ and whose lives changed dramatically after the book’s publication. In turn, Annie has always been haunted by the mystique of Grace Metalious, identifying with the woman, conversing with her, taking inspiration from her bold rebellion against conformity. Derided by her peers, she escapes from Middle River after high school, becomes a bestselling novelist, living in Washington, D.C., and doesn’t return to town until her mother dies.

Now, faced with misgivings about her mother’s death and a growing suspicion that mercury toxicity is sickening the town, Annie, like Grace before her, turns into a whistle-blower in exposing the hypocrisy of the town, its most wealthy family, and that family’s all-powerful mill. Coming face-to-face with decades of secrets and lies, she is driven beyond the legacy of Grace Metalious to heal the wounds of the town and her own family.

“Do you need to read “Peyton Place” to appreciate LOOKING FOR PEYTON PLACE? Absolutely not. I tell you everything you need to know,” Delinsky remarks. “That said, those of you who have read the original will find luscious little comparisons.” In the expectation that book clubs will enjoy the opportunity to analyze both books, Delinsky offers a reading group guide that explores their similarities. It is available at Taking it a step further, the author will send a free DVD to qualified book clubs that plan to discuss the book – or any of her most recent work. The DVD includes intimate interviews with the author, in which she reveals secrets and anecdotes about her last nine novels. Bona fide book clubs, as well as libraries and bookstores sponsoring book clubs, can request a free DVD through the Book Groups page on the author’s website.

Barbara Delinsky has written more than 70 books, including 16 New York Times bestsellers. A short biography of the author and a complete booklist is available for download as PDF.


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