Coffee Carts Make Big Profits

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Coffee Carts are found all over the World at Hotels, Casinos, Convention Centers and Resorts.

One might say the Coffee Cart is the perfect entity for the new millennium: like most things these days, it is fast, convenient and takes up less space.

In a world where the population is increasing and free time is becoming something of an anachronism, it would seem that opening an Coffee Cart, offering customers this kind of “quick fix,” would be a wise business decision.

Owning an Coffee Cart is one way to enter into the coffee business - or to expand a current operation-without the enormous investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is possible to own a cart for $2,500 to $15,000, while for $15,000 to $30,000 you can purchase a kiosk (a more permanent structure, not on wheels).

Barbara Evensizer of Carriage Works, Inc. in Oregon says a cart owner needs to bring in just $250 a day to make a living - and a successful cart may generate as much as $700 a day or more.

Carts are portable, so they can be set up in high-traffic spaces that a permanent retail operation cannot. And, if for some reason the location you have chosen doesn’t work out, you can easily move elsewhere. Finally, it arguably may just be the “next big thing.” Coffee Carts are a novelty, and they are growing in popularity.

“Coffee Carts fill a niche,” says Barbara Evensizer owner of Carriage Works, Inc. Corporation, manufacturer of high-end Coffee Carts. “We don’t always want a white tablecloth dinner. Sometimes people just want to walk up, grab it and go. That’s the beauty of a cart. It’s just sitting there.”

And then there are the success stories. Says Barbara Evensizer, President of Carriage Works in Oregon, “A used car salesman came here and bought an espresso cart, and next time in he bought a kiosk for an inside mall location. The next thing I saw was his brand name of coffee on billboards and on the sides of buses. He now does his own roasting and owns coffee shops around the U.S.”

Carriage Works reports having sold a cart that made $8,000 a day during the Christmas season.


As for options, in this respect they are basically unlimited. Successful venues include shopping malls, hospitals, church functions, college campuses, high school cafeterias, food courts, restaurants, hotel lobbies, office buildings, street corners, casinos, health spas, parking lots, train stations, airport terminals, and hardware stores.

Evensizer says carts are now even being set up on military bases.

Obviously, the owners of most of these sites are going to charge rent. Luckily, they don’t often overcharge because they see the cart as an added-value benefit to their business, and it is often space they wouldn’t be using anyway. For instance, many cart owners are now finding hospitals to be a successful venue for their carts, because the hospital is happy to have such a service to provide - especially to their staff working long hours.

More information about Carriage Works, Inc. is available by calling (541) 882-0700

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