Natural Deodorant For Teen Girls - A New Way of Staying Fresh

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Earth Exchange Corporation has released a natural deodorant body spray product, the first in a line of natural personal care products under the mariposa brand name. Mariposa products contain no parabens, no aluminum, and no petroleum distillates. Not just a fragrant cover-up, a natural deodorant, a fragrance, and a malodor neutralizer. eXc products are available through select retailers and their website,

Most deodorant products simply try to cover up unwanted malodor. Fragrances are commonly used to “mask” offensive odors that the body naturally produces. The fragrant scent soon dissipates and the offensive odors reappear. Julie C. Downey, founder and CEO of Earth Exchange Corporation has developed a fragrant natural deodorant body spray product, the first in the line of natural personal care products under the mariposa brand. Mariposa – mistral’s unique approach to keeping teens fresh is based on a combination of two naturally derived ingredients, combined with an odor neutralizer fragrance element to control the formation of new malodor molecules while trapping already present malodor molecules. Allowing the intended fragrance to give the teen a nice-to-be-near you fresh scent.

While deodorants try to cover up odor, anti-perspirants reduce the level of sweat by temporarily blocking the sweat glands, reducing sweat from which bacteria create body odor. Because sweat helps eliminate toxins and waste, there has long been a question as to how healthy this approach is for the body. Of growing concern are the aluminum compounds used in anti-perspirants that are easily absorbed by the body; scientists are looking at their negative long-term health impact. Personal care products formulated with natural ingredients carry certain connotations that consumers associate with products that are healthier, less toxic or perhaps better for you and the environment.

Sales of natural products are exploding in mass retail supermarkets, chain drugstores, mass retailers, and specialty stores; natural/organic personal care products are available everywhere in mainstream stores. Many consumers are not aware of or do not take the time to investigate the ingredients contained in the personal care products they place directly on their bodies. The truth is most personal care products on the market contain toxic unhealthy ingredients; such as parabens, aluminum compounds, petroleum derivatives and sodium lauryl sulfate. In an effort to disguise themselves or to appeal to a more naturally oriented consumer, some manufacturers place the natural moniker on their label, add a small amount of a natural ingredient to their normal ingredients, and call the product “Natural”. Consumers should be aware of these mass-market companies that are adding a drop or two of green tea or aloe vera juice and plastering “natural” all over their bottle and product claims. The solution is “mariposa” products.

Contact: Julie C. Downey, President, CEO, Earth Exchange Corporation, 800-276-0683

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