Pinnacle Entertainment Inc Opens Latest Property With Hrlogix Paperless Hiring Solution

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HRLogix, an innovative leading provider of recruitment management technologies enables hiring of 2800 new employees for the opening of Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. property, L’Auberge du Lac. With over 6,000 employees and their latest, and largest, property opening in May, Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. needed a streamlined human resources solution – and fast.

Humberto Trueba, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc., recognized immediately that Pinnacle would need to change their approach to human resources. Faced with hiring 2800 new employees for the opening of the new L’Auberge du Lac, the need for a paperless hiring solution was imperative. Trueba knew from experience that the traditional HR department approach of being 8 – 5 with paper job applications would be ineffective. The paper work involved with the opening would mean processing thousands of applications and new hire paperwork.

Trueba needed a fast and efficient solution that would not require a large human resources staff or much of their technology team’s involvement. Additionally, Trueba needed a solution that went beyond current applicant tracking systems. While notifying staff of new employees and processing new-hire paperwork would be the first step, an innovative solution that could process the entire new-hire packet - completely paperless - along with creating a virtual personnel file from application to performance reviews would be the answer.

Trueba turned to HRLogix. “We selected a partner that could work closely with us with us and bring the expertise from servicing over 100-plus casinos. We did not want to reinvent the wheel but rather to strive towards a ‘best in class’ model that was applicant and internally friendly.” By bringing in an innovative hiring solution that was tailor-made to suit their needs, Pinnacle has defined the art of human resources.

The idea was to create an entirely paperless human resources infrastructure and HRLogix, a leading provider of web-based, recruiting management systems, had just the solution. Utilizing components from their Hire Performance suite: JobLogix, HireLogix and FileLogix, HRLogix transformed Pinnacle’s corporate website into a powerful, paperless recruiting tool that automated and streamlined the entire on-boarding process. The tailor-made system provided an HR department that was now accessible 24/7 and a professional, effective approach to job-seekers in this new expansion market.

“We consider our job applicants our guests and we want them to have a very positive experience whether they are selected for a position or not,” says Keith Henson, Senior Director of Human Resources for Pinnacle’s L’Auberge du Lac.

“We received over 50,000 job applications and over 80% of them came through our website rather than visiting our employment center kiosk system which in turn reduced our time and cost per hire significantly”.

JobLogix was used to handle the complex, high volume hourly hiring needs and provided a focused technology hub. Using JobLogix, applicants were quickly ranked based on their skills and availability and sent through to recruiters ensuring that Mr. Henson’s staff concentrated their time on those candidates who were most qualified. Additionally, they were able to automate the tedious but required drug testing and background check processes – everything was performed at the click of button via the internet.

Once selected, all information first captured from the applicant through JobLogix applicant tracking process was then pre-populated and carried through to job-specific new hire forms with HireLogix. The new Pinnacle employees then signed back onto the internet and filled out remaining information online or at a corporate kiosk which was automatically routed to the HR Department. “HireLogix ensured legal compliance and standardization throughout the new hire process making sure that each position completed the correct forms utilizing digital signatures.

To complete the paperless on-boarding system, Pinnacle utilized FileLogix, a web based document and file management system that eliminated their need for file cabinets, scanning and indexing and created an organized repository for all Pinnacle new hire forms associated with an employee by location, department, or specific document type. FileLogix created Virtual Personnel Files which are accessible 24/7 via the internet which allowed Pinnacle a fast, effective workflow process for all employment related materials such as I-9’s, W-4’s, new hire paperwork and performance reviews. FileLogix significantly reduced time and streamlines the data entry and data maintenance creating real time access to the information that impacted the initial productivity of new hires.

Used in tandem with the HireLogix solution, documents were auto-imaged during the new hire on-boarding process for greater efficiency. Documents were then fed to FileLogix via faxing, email or electronically by simply dragging and dropping any file into an icon on your desktop. When retrieving or printing from the HireLogix Solution, documents are electronically identified using an innovative ‘auto indexing’ solution whereby documents are faxed to a designated 1-800 number and electronically identified and attached to the specific candidate’s file automatically- all without the need for manual coordination.

By utilizing HRLogix Hire Performance suite of products, Pinnacle was able to hire 2800 new employees completely paperless. The system was effective and efficient and resulted in a seamless on-boarding process.

““Prior to opening, HRLogix allowed us to hire 2800 employees for our new property, L’Auberge du Lac, without a single file cabinet. With over 90% of our positions being hourly, I thought that some candidates may have trouble with the technology. After receiving well over 50,000 applications and processing over 100 internal transfers, the HRLogix solution quickly changed my mind. I could not imagine doing an opening of this magnitude without this type of technology and customer service”, Henson said.

About HRLogix

The company focus is to provide intuitive, high-quality HR technologies designed to enhance and automate hiring practices, not reinvent them. Founded in May of 2002 by Maryann Gagnon and David Johndrow, HRLogix has been the fastest growing HR solutions company in the country.

For more information about HRLogix, please log onto or call 877.hrlogix.

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