New Line of Electric Bike Kits Offer Clean, Quiet Transportation, and Helps You Stay Healthier

Share Article's new line of electric bicycle kits are great for getting up hills, lazy people, transportation, gas savings, exercise, cycling enthusiast, and people with medical issues who can't pedal long distances.

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RSS's new line of electric bike kits provides clean, quiet, easy transportation. But did you know it can possibly make you healthier?

We think it can.

In some cases, those who like to ride their conventional bike struggle up hills so they stop riding because they get to tired and don't feel like cycling back home.

Here is an affordable solution: pulling down the throttle of an electric bike. This will allow them to pedal up every hill in their neighborhood.

Oh, I forgot, bicycles don't have throttles.

Well, they do now.

The Electric Bicycle "Bike Kit" can be added to an existing bike (see requirements). Or the Electric bike combo kit (Includes electric motor kit and bicycle - some installation required) can have a person on "automated cycle" in no time.

And, once you push down on that throttle, it just may make you want to go out cycling more often, an activity that is good for the heart.

Electric Bicycles go up to 20 miles per hour and have a range of up to 12 to 20 miles (depending on weight and battery pack size). This will save money on gas / gasoline costs in a time when gas prices are not getting any lower, and allow the rider to do their part in saving the environment!

The advantages of riding an electric bike:

  • Get the experience of riding a bicycle without the sweat.
  • Get a little exercise. Even though your bike is electric; you can still pedal along with it as much as you care to. Hey, so if you have been lazy in the past, now is your chance. If you get tired, pull the trigger and off you go. It's much more fun than using an exercise machine, that's for sure.
  • Have a previous injury, and can't pedal too far? Hip problems? Knee problems? Senior Citizen? Let the electric motor take over when you get tire and still get in some exercise.
  • Use an electric bike for local errands? Why drive a 6,000 lb S.U.V. - 2 miles to the corner store or post office; when an electric bicycle will get you there in the same amount of time - without the wear and tear on your car, and without polluting our atmosphere and environment?
  • If you have a one-way commute of 10 miles or less why not ride an e-bike instead of driving? You'll probably arrive at work in the same amount of time it would've taken you to drive; perhaps even less if you must fight morning and afternoon traffic, since a bicycle is much more maneuverable.

For more information on the electric bike, visit our website: or (Authorized Dealer) or call us for more information 973-427-8867 (Leave message if no Answer).


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