What Traders Must Know to Gain an Edge in the Stock Market and Have a Real Shot with the Sharks

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Interview with Alexander Paul Morris (Top Trader and Creator of the Highly Regarded tymoraPRO Trading Platform), by Dave Goodboy talks about the latest strategies and techniques that traders MUST KNOW to gain an edge in trading the markets.

According to Alexander Paul Morris, Top Trader and Creator of the Highly Acclaimed tymoraPRO Trading Platform, there are techniques that can be used to detect when you may not be at your peak "trading prowess", and steps you can take to get back your psychological edge. Once you have your edge, he also discusses several unique ways of analyzing the markets. For example, Mr. Morris explains how stocks can still be analyzed and even traded as if the old spreads were still intact.

Quoting Mr. Morris from the interview, "If the market is trading 25.0-.04, and it goes to 25.01-.04, maybe we could still say how about just considering any activity from 25.0-.05 at the same level. This is exactly what TYMORA does. It automatically figures out what the best increment is based on the trading activity and spreads in a particular stock."

He also discusses how trading and scalping stocks can be, on some level, compared to playing a game of poker. One apparent misconception is that Goldman Sachs (GSCO) is always one of the top forces to be reckoned with in trading Nasdaq stocks. Mr. Morris explains to Dave Goodboy of RealWorldTrading.com that in fact this information can change moment-by-moment. “…TYMORA, in fact, keeps track of all that information. For example, if we look at ONXX, a stock I was trading on Friday, TYMORA currently indicates that ETRD (E-Trade) is currently ranked as the #1 Market Maker. Probably not who you would normally expect.”, he says. He also goes on to explain, “In fact, if GSCO is the one in control, maybe we would be less inclined to trade that stock right now too unless we get a very clear read of what's going on. Why? Simple - think of poker. … Do you want to go up and bet against the world champion, or rather the Sunday afternoon amateur poker crowd?”

Mr. Morris is also a highly skilled programmer, as he has been able to program all of the techniques and methods that he discusses in the interview into a complete advanced trading platform that generates sophisticated real-time trading alerts, offers proprietary charting algorithms, and provides a completely unique view and methodology of analyzing the markets. The platform is compatible with data vendors such as eSignal, and is also offered as a complete trading solution through affiliated broker-dealers. A limited time 14-day free trial of the platform is available to those visiting http://www.yourika.com.

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For more information, or to interview Mr. Morris, visit http://www.yourika.com or call 516-706-2821.

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