With Gotta-Gro™, the Color of Your Thumb No Longer Matters

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Now every consumer can benefit from a process with proven results enjoyed by members of the agricultural industry for over 25 years. Gotta-GroÂ? is an environmentally responsible, natural, basic stimulant that is certain to awaken the life of your soil.

Springfield, MO (PR Web) July 19, 2005 – Consumers who have struggled to achieve a luxurious lawn, a field of thriving wildflowers, or a healthful vegetable garden can be relieved to know that Gotta-Gro, a natural growth stimulant, is now available. Wade Dunivent of National Stimulants, LLC in Nixa, Missouri is introducing Gotta-Gro™ to the consumer market after over 25 years of success in the commercial industry.

Dunivent says Gotta-Gro™ is unique because it “performs every time, under all circumstances and has for over 26 years, on commodity crops, worldwide.”

Currently, the NB-S process is used by farms, universities and turf growers in 28 states and many foreign countries. Gotta-Gro™ will give consumers an opportunity to see phenomenal results using an economical, environmentally safe product that has no chemicals. Supplied to members of the agricultural industry like commodity crop growers and universities, as NB-S, since 1979, this natural, basic stimulant was tested and proven for five years under a generic name by the USDA.

NB-S / Gotta-Gro™ is a natural, basic, organic stimulant that is produced in specially designed tanks for a multi-stage fermentation process. This process removes the ingredients (primarily the fungi) and turns them into a highly concentrated, non-odorous liquid. As part of the NB-S process, the extract is enhanced with compound organic substances like vitamins. The combination of the extracted fungi and the compound organic substances create a synergistic effect when applied to the soil. Dormant bacterium is awakened and produces an almost instantaneous effect due to the increased germination seen with new seeding. This formulation has reduced and often totally eliminates hard-pan and compaction. Gotta-Gro™ can convert low or high ph problems into a normal ph-range. While it is not intended as a replacement for nominal fertilizer usage, consumers will find it significantly reduces the amount needed.

Consumers will discover that by using Gotta-Gro™ on anything that grows in soil, the micro-organism activity is accelerated resulting in more nutrients converted and sent to plants. They will find that the soil structure is vastly improved.

Martin Altendorf, a North Dakota farmer with a wry sense of humor said that after 35 years of farming, he’s “still learning how to do it.” Prior to using NB-S in 1989, he “tried every [non-traditional] product under the sun” but they didn’t impress him. In his “own world” he’s experienced positive results with NB-S. He’s seen “better quality and higher yield” with grain and his primary crop, potatoes, on which he’s seen fewer brown spots. Martin said he hasn’t made a study of it, he “just knows it works.”

In 2000, Wade made NB-S available to turf growers. Wayne Bassett of Beck’s Turf, a 55 year strong sod farm in Alabama has “been after Wade to get this product to the retail market so those people with green thumbs or without, can benefit from it.” He added “anytime you can enhance soil structure and microbial activity, you create a better growing environment. That is what this product does.”

According to Jovonne Evans, employed 17 years by Keeven Bros. Sod Farm in Missouri, she was introduced to NB-S (Gotta-Gro™) a few years ago and has now used it for approximately two years. Primarily spraying on houseplants and around her yard, she “couldn’t believe” the difference Gotta-Gro™ made, specifically referencing two flowering plants in her bright, atrium-style front room. Several visitors remarked that it looked like “Jack and the beanstalk” territory with a thriving Philodendron whose leaves are “seriously, 8 to 10 inches across!” Jovonne was so pleased when Gotta-Gro™ revived a Hoya plant that was a favorite of her late mother-in-law. This Hoya has little clusters of waxy pink flowers with an “intoxicatingly fragrant” scent. She has tried other “gro” products and odorous fish emulsion formulations in the past but it is Gotta-Gro™ that she uses regularly now, enthusiastically sharing samples of her stock with co-workers, friends and family.

The importance and benefits of Gotta-Gro™ as an all-natural, organic soil stimulant cannot be understated.

A June 10 article in the news magazine The Week reported a study out of the University of Missouri-Columbia that found the sperm count in men from rural Missouri was considerably lower than that of men in large cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Agricultural chemicals are at least somewhat to blame as these men were found to have high levels of three commonly used pesticides. Of greatest alarm was that most of the men in the study are not farmers, having been exposed to the chemicals primarily through drinking water from their faucets. This chemical runoff from farms and lawns finds its way into drinking water because water-treatment plants aren’t designed to remove these types of chemicals.

About National Stimulants, LLC and Gotta-Gro™

Wade Dunivent has spent most of his career working with soil enhancers with a focus on Earth Friendly solutions to commodity crop problems. Prior to developing NB-S for worldwide distribution, Wade was a grain broker. A long standing member of Turf Producers International, he’s excited about bringing Gotta-Gro™ to consumers and takes a personal interest in the users of his product. He has experienced a tremendous response from individuals that are beginning to hear about Gotta-Gro™. These days, his time is spent overseeing production and trying to keep up with demand. Gotta-Gro™ is now available direct to the consumer in pre-mixed, ready-to-use quarts and in super concentrate by the quart. The concentrate makes approximately 16 gallons. Gotta-Gro™ is also available in 55 gallon drums for the commercial user. National Stimulants is headquartered in Nixa, MO and can be contacted at 866-902-9500 and via the web at http://www.gotta-gro.com.

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