One Man's Extraordinary 30-Year Journey to Communicate an Overwhelming Vision of God

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Three decades in the making, "GODYSSEY" - A Young Man's Proof of God's Existence -- by Jess Fein, is now available worldwide for the first time via The author is also offering a free, computer-interactive DVD-Rom for review, via

Author D.S. Fine announced today, in association with Infinity Publishing, the worldwide release of his book entitled: "GODYSSEY" - A Young Man's Proof of God's Existence, via The inspirational, 228-page autobiography, described by Charles B. Everitt of The Globe Pequot Press as "brilliant and unforgettable," will also be available through all major bookstores this fall via the Ingram Book database.

Written over a period of six years, under the pen name of Jess Fein, "GODYSSEY" is an extraordinary, true account documenting a 20 year-old man's odyssey of self-discovery and rebirth, following a paradigm-shattering, face-to-Face encounter with God.

Although not explicitly mentioned in the book, Fine says that the "shocking and traumatic" strangulation death of his grandmother in April of 1964 in Norwood, Massachusetts, never completely solved nor officially connected to the infamous Boston Strangler, was the driving force behind his "questing, questioning spirit."

The motivation for sharing what is essentially "breathtaking, breakthrough information," says Fine, is his earnest desire "to communicate an "I-opening," eyewitness testimony, supported by numerous historical, literary and religious references, prevalent throughout many diverse cultures, -- pointing toward the ineffably powerful nature of the one God Who exists behind all images."

"If this electrifying knowledge were widely disseminated and scientifically understood," he asserts, "the possibility of a genuine era of enlightenment would be imminent."

"Because of its intimate universality and the inherent freedom of belief with which it is communicated," Fine says, "this transpersonal Vision could literally "trance-end" personal divisions."

"However," he continues, "it requires an exceptional degree of wisdom and strength to be able to absorb the full impact of this direct knowledge. That an Almighty God truly is at the center of Creation; and with this realization there is a natural ascent into the realm of compassion for one's brothers and sisters."

In this regard, the information revealed in "GODYSSEY" could be a spiritual parallel to the Copernican theory and Galileo's subsequent observations verifying the decentralization of the Earth from its previously-believed position as the "center of the known universe."

Almost in the form of an intricate, illuminated manuscript, "GODYSSEY's" thought-provoking, computer-interactive pages are filled to overflowing with more than 100 color photo-montages and elaborate illustrations.

Fine's visionary, photo-panoramic record of dazzling landscapes and kaleidoscopic, mystical scenes recreates events spanning a 20-year period between 1974 and 1994. And his collaborator for more than a quarter-century, Lawrence Medeiros, from Boston's North Shore, also contributes a remarkable array of artistic talents to this "work of heart."

As an experienced illustrator, graphic designer and typographer, Medeiros carefully crafted the book's external covers and internal layout; juxtaposing early-20th century woodcuts into pertinent locations within the text, combined with highly original, richly-detailed illustrations and imaginative digital collages.

The 2005 Master DVD Edition of "GODYSSEY," which, in addition to incorporating the entire, illustrated book, contains hundreds of compelling personal letters, e-mails & webpages; press releases, tv & radio announcements; advertisements & newspaper articles; high-quality, printable graphics; and a half-dozen videos pertaining to the creation and communication of its contents.

[This DVD-Rom is currently being offered free to all who request it, via]

According to D.S. Fine, "When this uplifting, revelationary knowledge is genuinely understood and integrated into one's life, it signals the end of pride and the beginning of true Humility."

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