Real Stories From Iraq and Afghanistan

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Our Prayers and our admiration go out to our men and women who are serving our country for the cause of democracy and freedom!

Our Prayers and our admiration go out to our men and women who are serving our country for the cause of democracy and freedom, as well as for those courageous soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice or who have been injured while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to the families, loved ones and friends of these brave men and women. We hope that circumstances in Iraq and Afghanistan will allow for all of our men and women to come home soon.

My daughter told me in late 2002 that she wanted to join the Army. Her high school sweetheart Keith and other friends from her school had enlisted. She/they wanted to serve their country. She worked hard and served well even with medical challenges. She was medically discharged in 2004. I am proud of her. Her husband was deployed from Ft Riley in January 2005. They are now serving in the Baqouba, Iraq area. Less than a week after he deployed my daughter gave birth to their first child. Like all moms and dads and husbands and wives, family and friends we look forward to the day our brave soldiers come home.

When I attended my daughters Basic Training Graduation, I noticed very quickly that the majority of the graduates were in their teens and early twenties. It became clear to me that building and strengthening character, values and morals was a very important part of basic training.

Whether our men and women go overseas to Iraq or Afghanistan to support freedom and democracy, stay in the US or are deployed on a base in other parts of the world, they are protecting our country. Many of them will be America's future leaders.

A Soldier Needs You Dot Com gives some of these men and women a platform to share their stories in the forthcoming Series. The title for this book series is "Walking With Heroes".

A Soldier Needs You Dot Com will include the opportunity for parents, spouses, etc of brave men and women who have lost their lives in combat, to share their stories.

Whether you are one of the many men and women serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, based in the US or in another country, we call upon you to participate in this project.

Why did you decide to join the military? What was basic training or as some people refer to it -- boot camp like? Young people who are thinking about serving will especially like to hear your stories. What has it been like since graduating from basic training and from advanced training?

For those who served or are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and had contact with and met with Iraqi, Afghan or Kuwaiti citizens and children, here is an opportunity for you to share these experiences in a chapter in "Walking With Heroes".

We do not hear enough about all the good things happening for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan by our American and Coalition military. Soldiers have shown us pictures of them and their comrades with Iraqi's and Iraqi Children. They have been building Schools, Mosques, Infrastructure, rebuilding the police force and army and so much more. The fact that around 60% of the Iraqi people voted in the face of threats to their lives is a testimony to our brave men and women have helped so much in Iraq. It is also a testimony to the brave Iraqi people who showed the world they do in fact want to choose their own fate.

Our soldiers have a right to have their stories told and the American people want to hear these "untold stories". We offer soldiers an opportunity to share with all of America and the world, these stories.

Soldiers could also share how Faith helped you and gave you strength in difficult times. How the military experience helped reinforce and strengthen your values, morals, and goals in life.

For those Moms and Dads, Husbands and Wives or other relatives who have lost a loved one in combat, you can write a chapter and share with America about your soldier. You can talk about their lives, why they joined the military, about their faith, similar to what they would write themselves. Perhaps you could take what they wrote in letters to you where they shared stories about the good works they and their comrades did to help the people of Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

Family members can help their soldier put their chapter together. Even in a non-combat environment, our soldiers are very busy.

There will be 8 stories in each of the Walking With Heroes Books. We will first launch Walking with Heroes as an E-Book. Many websites are already offering to join with us in putting the Walking with Heroes banner on their websites as part of our fund raising program. Chapter writers will receive 2% of the royalties from the e-book and the printed book that their chapter is in.

We will donate 10% of the royalties to help soldiers in need as well as for families of soldiers in need of assistance. Another important part of our mission is to help in every way we can, the growing number of military support organizations around America. We are getting to know leaders of some of these groups. They are heroes too. They are serving our country by helping our soldiers and some of them are also helping soldier's families. We have links to many of them in our website. If you know of one not yet listed please tell us about them.

We encourage all Americans to find a group to help. Find out what their needs are and help them as you can. These organizations are sending important packages to tens of thousands of soldiers serving overseas. You could start a new group with help from your family, ministry or company.

We are also looking for stories about welcome home celebrations for our brave men and women when they come back to their bases and back to their home communities. Please send us any of these welcome home celebrations that are reported in the news media and we will put a link from our site to these stories.

We appeal to and encourage all communities to organize welcome home celebrations for every returning soldier. They are our heroes. They should be welcomed home.

Let us unite as a people and let our brave men and women know when they are deployed that we in America support them. And when they come home lets welcome them.

To get our Chapter Agreement or for more information:

EMAIL: jim at pompanoro dot com

Jim Burke, Co-Founder/Eagle Tour Chief

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