Dance in the Flow of Life with Swedish-American Author Eva Dillner Around the World

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Breaking new ground, EvaÂ?s books show how to follow the natural life energy in therapy, organizational development and personal relationships for maximum enrichment.

Eva Dillner tours Europe this fall to market her books. From Gothenburg to Lisbon she will present her ground breaking ideas and exercises to creatively work with the natural energy flow in business and relationships. Using personal stories for illustration, she makes the how-to book come alive with innovative approaches to the way we think about relationships -- at home, at work, with friends and in love. Often a catalyst for change, she has published three books so far: the just released The Pathfinder Process -- exploring the potential of organizations and relationships and her previous titles God put a Dream in my Heart -- Handbook of Life Therapy and The Naked Truth -- an exercise in therapeutic storytelling and the principles involved in becoming finally free.

Life seldom turns out the way we think it will. Only in hindsight can we see the plan.

Last year, Eva Dillner was guided to move from Paradis, Sweden to Annecy, France. She sold everything and took off on her journey... on arrival in Annecy she felt confused and wondered "what am I doing here?" Guided to continue to the south of France, she arrived in Draguignan. There, she noticed a marker, raised to commemorate the city’s liberation at the end of World War II by the French Resistance and American Paratroopers.

In a flash she knew "I died here." The realization hit like lightning, tears flowed freely, as this past life memory released. Instead of stopping for lunch as planned, she continued on toward Grasse, on a magical winding road lined with trees formed like umbrellas over the road.

Eva’s move to Annecy turned out to be an alchemist journey around Europe. She drove 7,000 kilometers to end up moving 11, from the countryside into town. In the process she let go of a past that no longer fit.

In the country house in Paradis she had written three books: God put a Dream in my Heart -- Handbook of Life Therapy, The Naked Truth -- an exercise in therapeutic storytelling and the principles involved in becoming finally free and The Pathfinder Process -- exploring the potential of organizations and relationships. From her new base in Eksjö she will be spending the next few years traveling around the world to market her books.

In September she takes off to continental Europe to do Eva Parties. The idea is simple, invite a few friends and instead of Tupperware you get Eva Dillner live, in the moment, presenting ideas and exercises from her books. On this tour she is booked with Swedish and American organizations in Gothenburg, Odense, Cologne, Vienna, Rimini, Zürich, Geneva, Antibes, Majorca, Madrid and Lisbon.

The American Women on Fyn, Denmark asked for something different. Located as they are next to the birthplace and museum of Hans Christian Andersen, they asked Eva to talk about the book writing and publishing process. Was it coincidence that Eva visited this museum last year on her alchemist journey? Her publicity tour this fall takes her to many of the same places she visited last year. The universe works in mysterious ways.

Eva Dillner is making her presence known around the world. Just published in the British Complementary Medicine Association Newsletter is her article Dance as a Therapeutic Tool. The article is an expansion of a chapter in her first book God put a Dream in my Heart -- Handbook of Life Therapy which is the perfect literature for any therapist’s waiting room. She wrote the book that didn’t exist, but should have. The handbook highlights some fifteen years of therapy and personal growth work and training with the best in the business from Seattle to Edinburgh and beyond.

Dance can be used in many ways. In Madrid, Eva will lead a Joy of Dance session at the Swedish fitness club Friskis & Svettis. This summer at home in Eksjö she leads a weekly Release Dance group.

Attending book fairs can be prohibitively expensive for individual authors. But thanks to an innovative program, Eva’s books will be going to the Beijing International Book Fair in China in September and the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany in October. Representation is handled by Foreword Magazine.

As part of her therapy journey Eva wrote The Naked Truth -- an exercise in therapeutic storytelling and the principles involved in becoming finally free. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to call it Lucky to be Alive. Hailed as a groundbreaker by therapists, it is a spell binding read of a life turned around.

Her latest release, The Pathfinder Process -- exploring the potential of organizations and relationships is the book she started to write when she left the corporate world. It is neither a typical business book nor a traditional relationship manual. It is a how-to book that comes alive with Eva's personal, sometimes very intimate stories. It weaves the two halves together, relationships into organizations and vice versa. "You can’t separate one from the other," says Eva. "Organizations are relationships, and when you align the organization with the natural energy flow, you will profit. Instead of squeezing people into predetermined roles, explore who you are to discover where you intersect, and leave the rest."

Eva Dillner’s books are published by Author House, printed on demand by Lightning Source in the United Kingdom and the United States, distributed by Ingrams, Baker & Taylor, Bertrams, Gardners, Nielsen Book Data and Stjärndistribution. On-line shoppers will find Eva’s books on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Waldenbooks, Borders, Bookweaver, Waterstones, WH Smith and Easons. Independent booksellers carry Eva’s books via the American Booksellers Association BookSense program.

Eva Dillner was born in Stockholm, Sweden but moved to Seattle, Washington, USA at the age of fourteen. There she attended Newport High School in Bellevue, continued on to the University of Washington where she graduated with honors (Tau Beta Pi) with BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering. She was the first woman engineer at the Scott Paper Company plant in Everett, became their first woman engineering supervisor, worked with project management then moved into packaging and logistics. From there she was promoted to a multinational construction project in Orléans, France. At the end of this assignment, Eva took a leave of absence, which became a permanent departure. She started studying therapy and personal growth for her own development, on the verge of becoming a therapy teacher she started writing books. In 1998 she returned to her native Sweden where she has added the expressive arts of painting and dancing to her repertoire. She has been featured in local, national and international press. Her website tells much more.

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