Stock Market Strategies – Colleen Helm Discusses Her Stock Market Strategy

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In an interview with, Colleen Helm discusses the methods Red Mountain uses to post strong gains in a challenging market.

This interview is adapted from the full audio interview you can find here:

Before founding Red Mountain Research Colleen Helm was a professional money manager. Now she combines the same sophisticated data mining techniques that she used to manage portfolios worth literally hundreds of millions of dollars with her own proprietary software that she uses to identify outstanding values in the stock market. She told that this is Red Mountain Research’s commitment to give individual investors the tools and information they need to be their own portfolio managers.

IC: What is Red Mountain Research’s mission and why is it important to individual investors?

Colleen Helm: What we’re doing is I’m offering an e-newsletter and the purpose of this newsletter is to help individual money managers or people with their own individual money to help them manage their own account with the aid of a professional money manager but allowing them to pull their own trigger so to speak. So, the way I do that is by sending my clients three separate newsletters which they can then use to manage their own money and that’s also ported by my website where you can see my own personal portfolio and you can compare my own trades with the trades I’m telling my clients they should make, and you’ll find that they’re exactly the same.

IC: What kind of stock picking filters do you use?

Colleen Helm: Basically, the first thing I do is I use a proprietary filter that I’ve created. It’s my creation, however I’ve combined the research of market gurus like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet and a lot of guys who have been investing in the stock market for a combined total of over three hundred years. You’ve got people who have won Nobel prizes on their investment theories. So, what I’ve done is I’ve taken a lot of their strategies and I’ve kind of smashed them together to find out what makes a really good company and invariably I find that I like to see a company/stock making money.

IC: How do you use technical analysis in your stock market strategies?

Colleen Helm: I use a technical analysis to determine entry and exit points into a given stock, so if the technicals look positive then I will go ahead and make an investment in that stock. If they look negative I’ll just kind of put it in my back pocket and wait for another day, because the last thing I want to do is buy a stock and have it drop by fifty cents or fifty dollars depending what type of stock it actually is. So, I use those technical indicators to kind of guide me for entry and exit points and I also use them very strongly for sell indication and I find that I will be able to capture a greater portion of the return I make by keeping an eye on those technical indications.

For the full audio interview with Colleen Helm visit based in Los Angeles, CA conducts audio and video interviews to help give investors the tools they need to succeed in a variety of markets.

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