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Security Measures That Offer Peace of Mind.

When the goal is to protect yourself and your loved ones at home, monitored security systems offer true peace of mind. When it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones away from home, you need to have presence of mind before you can have peace of mind. Presence of mind refers to knowing the intelligent way to prepare for, and react to, any situation.

Like home protection which is needed year ‘round, protection in parking lots is a year ‘round concern. It begins before you even enter the parking lot. Driving with doors locked and windows closed, you should keep valuables (i.e. purse, wallet, etc) out of view and refrain from placing them in the seat next to you. Likewise, before entering the lot, all valuables should be placed in your trunk or out of sight from passersby before arrival.

Upon entering a parking lot, choose a well-lit area to park your car and park as close to the building entrance as possible. Avoid parking in areas that contain potential hiding places for criminals (i.e. walls, foliage, trees, etc.) or which may be empty or remote when you leave. It is important to back your vehicle into the parking space, when possible, to ensure a quick and easy exit. Before leaving your car, inform yourself of nearby landmarks or aisle numbers to locate your car upon returning to it. Also, make yourself comfortable with entrances and exits while it is daylight, for these may not be visible at night. Be sure to lock all car doors, windows, and trunk access before leaving you car and enable all security alarms that may protect your car from possible burglars or intruders.

The right way to return to your car and exit a parking lot is as important as entering and requires conscious preparation. Have your car door key in hand before you leave the building. You don’t want to be searching for it once you reach you car. Walk with confidence and be aware of everything and everyone around you, and at any time should you feel unsafe, return to the building and call for help.

Before entering your car inspect the inside, especially the backseat. Also, be very careful with the key-less entry remotes, as some unlock all of the doors. As soon as you get into your vehicle lock the doors and start your car. This will minimize the time in which a dangerous situation may happen and make it easier to see if anyone is lurking around your vehicle. Finally, if you notice a suspicious person approaching your vehicle draw as much attention as possible by sounding the horn and flashing your lights.

While you can’t take your home security system with you, practicing these simple steps can help you develop the presence of mind necessary for having peace of mind away from home.

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