Anti-Phishing, Account Hijacking Solution Announced

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Sestus Data Corporation announced today they have developed the world's first 100 percent effective anti-phishing (account hijacking) solution.

Sestus Data Corporation announced today they have developed the world's first 100 percent effective anti-phishing (account hijacking) solution that is entirely web-based. This solves a technical hurdle which has troubled the software industry for years.

This solution is not a filtering or blocking approach, but is the first webpage authentication solution actually capable of authenticating webpages for consumers in such a way that cannot be replicated by phishers/hackers. The solution includes options for defeating a type of phishing which, until now, has been impossible to prevent, the "man in the middle" phishing attack.

Unlike other approaches recently touted in the news, this solution does not simply enhance an existing login process with additional images, challenge questions, or voice recordings. This solution actually verifies that the website itself is authentic and is initiated before the consumer has entered any account login ID or other confidential information. This solution will not impact any domain servers or internal business networks, and no hardware nor software must be installed by either the business owner or their customers.

This solution is easy to implement and use, cannot be reverse-engineered or duplicated by hackers/phishers, does not require any extraordinary technical capability on the part of webmasters to implement, involves no database, does not read nor write information to the user's computer, does not impact existing website processes, and will be affordable for both large and small companies.


"Phishing", aka "Account Hijacking", is the fastest growing type of identity theft and is the type most common on the internet. Phishing uses social engineering and technical subterfuge to steal personal identity data and account credentials for financial gain. Typically, phishers use e-mails or other mediums to lead victims to a counterfeit websites where they are tricked into divulging financial and other confidential data such as credit card numbers, account IDs, passwords, and social security numbers. Consumer and business losses in 2004 resulting from phishing are estimated to exceed five billion ($5,000,000,000) US dollars.

Launch is scheduled for later this year and Sestus Data is accepting applications from a limited number of businesses who wish to apply prior to launch.

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