Phonetic Search, Inc. and InfoVoter Technologies partner on a remarkable new technology for analysis of a National Election Reporting Platform

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Phonetic Search and InoVoter partner to index audio taken during recent elections. Now complete search and quanification of unstructured audio is a new application for all industries.

Philadelphia, PA / New York, NY (PRWEB) July 23, 2005 – InfoVoter has pioneered a new method for analyzing data gleaned from calls to an election help line. The new information gathering and processing protocol helps make the data much more useful.

InfoVoter Technologies partnered with NBC news, The Fels School of Government and a variety of civil rights groups in providing the technology platforms for two voter alert hotlines, 866-MYVOTE1 and 866-OURVOTE.

The two platforms received nearly 500,000 calls in the days leading up to and including Election Day 2004. In an automated environment, callers to the MYVOTE1 system had the ability to find their polling location and record a 60 second statement regarding any difficulties they had in voting or trying to vote. The MYVOTE1 system holds nearly 55,000 contemporaneous voter recordings.

On Thursday, June 30th 2005, Mr. Ken Smukler, President of InfoVoter Technologies, presented a national report to the Carter-Baker Commission, in Houston, TX, detailing the audio recordings organized into taxonomies, by problem type, e.g., Issues of Registration, Absentee balloting, Identification, etc. Mr. Smukler hopes these insights will better election administration in the years to come.

With the utilization of a neoteric technology from Phonetic Search, Inc., (PSI) InfoVoter was able to quantify and qualify the recorded calls into various discernable taxonomies. The following are those category types:

Registration    Identification    Poll Access    Provisional    Mechanical    Ballot    Coercion    Absentee

From each taxonomy a software platform from Phonetic Search (Phonetic Speech Algorithmic Engine), was able to ingest, index, and make searchable, each and every utterance in all 55,000 telephone calls.

By breaking down each sound in the overall corpus to its smallest discernable element (called a Phoneme), PSI was able to take a higher level view of the previously unstructured audio data. The enablement of analysis and comparisons of each word uttered in the calls, provided great insight into the content being mentioned. The net result of this software undertaking is a macro view of each call as follows:

Registration 32.5%, Identification 22.7%,    Poll Access 12%, Provisional 4.6%, Mechanical 2.3%, Ballot .54%, Coercion .6%, Absentee 24%

"With the advent of this technology, entitled Speech Analytics, the science of mining unstructured audio/video data content is available today”, says Kevin O’Kane, COO of Phonetic Search, Inc. “Unlike other technologies available, speed and accuracy of the Phonetic Speech Algorithmic Engine is unparalleled. This ability to take unstructured audio data and transform it to useable quantifiable decision data is the core of Phonetic Search’s true business value to its customers.”

Says Ken Smukler, “Without Phonetic Search, Inc.’s (PSI) indexing and search technology, it would have taken weeks, not days, to transcript and search the 55,000 telephone calls we received. The accuracy of utilizing human labor to accomplish such an overwhelming task would have suffered greatly.”

“Additionally, the cost factor compared to PSI’s completely computerized systems was considerably less expensive.”

About Phonetic Search, Inc.

The Phonetic Search Network provides “Google with ears” capabilities to all of its business to business based customers. The Phonetic Search Network allows inter or extra based searching of all media. Radio, Television, Intra Company content, and Internet media is ingested and indexed, and made available as a search platform to its subscriber base. A feature of the Phonetic Search Network is the capability to search all Media based ingested and indexed media files virtually and globally from any desktop. By utilizing a true browser technology, the Phonetic Search Network is peerless regarding its scalability, usability, and extensibility.

About InfoVoter Technologies

InfoVoter Technologies provides the vision, expertise and technology platforms for voter assistance programs in both the telecommunications and web based environments. At the cutting edge of interactive voter information services, InfoVoter Technologies works each day to ensure that every vote counts. InfoVoter Technologies looks forward to building relationships with elections administration organizations and agencies both at home and abroad. Specialized programs and applications can be built to suit.

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