Helyxzion Software Poised to Unlock the Code Obscuring the Elusive Mysteries of Human Life

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Revolutionary new bioinformatics-based viewer, developed by Helyxzion, allows scientists much greater control over scope of DNA analysis. With scale no longer an issue, scientists have tool to dramatically advance genetic analysis.

Without clear sight, problems remain unsolvable. Until now, looking at DNA has been tantalizing, but ultimately, a tease.

Helyxzion's New v.3.0 Pro Anvil Viewer™, revolutionary software produced by Helyxzion and sold by Helyxzion/Biochemicon (Biochemicon is the European Representative of Helyxzion LLC and the NBI nano, bio, info–tech part of this holding company), presents scientists with a tool designed to bring a new level of clarity and precision to DNA studies. The new viewer allows scientists to understand DNA sequences which have heretofore been considered just nonsense.

The software and the theory behind it are the work of Charles Stevens, a respected biologist.

Walter Battistutti, (CEO of Biochemicon), chief of the Nanotech advisory board and vice president of Helyxzion said, "By making sense of nonsense, scientists hope to see, for the first time, the protein sequences behind maladies such as cancer and innumerable common genetic disorders.“

Bioinformatics is a branch of biology dedicated to mathematically decrypt the genetic code. The field did not bear fruit until the human genome was successfully and sequentially mapped. After that, real results began to emerge. Building on this monumental breakthrough, scientists developed a Helyxzonic model and were well on the way to produce software capable of letting researchers translate the language contained in all of human DNA.

A breathtaking set of clinical trials showed the software could unerringly depict protein structures of genes, reveal dominant and recessive genetic characteristics, compare multiple code strings quickly and describe DNA, RNA and amino acid relationships.

The viewer is a web-based viewer that allows a biologist to upload a string of DNA code and analyze it at differing scales. While conventional theories suggest only three percent of DNA contributes to the protein basis of human life, using the viewer, scientists can begin to see new combinations and how they contribute to human life and to disease. According to Battistutti, researchers can catalogue new combinations within individual genes that may provide insight into the protein basis of many common disorders, such as cancer. With greater insight may come more effective treatments.

The first version of the viewer is now available. Based on input from users worldwide, a second version is being developed.

About Biochemicon:

BCC is the European Representative of HELYXZION LLC and based on the identification of the “Language of DNA”, BCC is one of the European leader in the area DNA-Protein-based Nanotechnology and Bioinformatics.

Biochemicon founded in October 2000 by a high motivated team of English, American and Austrian scientists for the purpose of using DNA not only in the conventional strands, but also using their enormous variability ample scope for designing molecules.

In the last year, BCC developed a Bio-machine for Nano-detection path processing in human body. It useable for body conditions monitoring in space shuttle projects.

This year, we were successful in developing the first Chron disease diagnostic kit on the world market.

In 2005, Helyxzion LLC and Biochemicon found many synergies and grew together to form a holding company.


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