Kamui Speaks English for Billiards Players

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If you play pool, you know more chalk on the tip equals better cue ball control and higher shot accuracy. KAMUIÂ? layered tips bring all these benefits to your game and is now available in the United States exclusively through Five Star Billiards.

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So, why does a cue tip make that much difference to your game? Let's take a look at the qualities of a superior pool cue tip.

KAMUI™ delivers high porosity and therefore holds more chalk than competitors. More chalk returns fewer miss cues. A cue tip with less porosity lacks the ability to “come back” to its original shape and will harden quickly. Because Kamui™ is 100 percent Japanese pigskin, some mushrooming is inevitable, but our process allows the tip to return to normal shape after play, providing longevity.

Pool is a mental sport. Changing your “weapon” can change your game. KAMUI™ will maintain its characteristics of play longer because of the high porosity.

Let’s face it. All of us could benefit from pocketing more balls. KAMUI™ will keep your billiard game on target. Increased spin on the cue ball means increased control of your play. Our tip provides the ability for more spin with less force. With other tips, the need to exert more energy causes a loss in control of your body movement and aim precision. KAMUI™ will afford you a reliable cue speed with the benefit of maintaining cue ball distance. In other words, you will make long follow and draw shots with less cue ball speed and more accuracy. Because the KAMUI™ tip affords the luxury of spin with a lower ball speed, you can pocket more balls. A slower traveling object ball will easily drop in the pocket as compared to a higher speed object ball. You can hit more center-side with the KAMUI™ tip, limiting miss cues. The added spin our KAMUI™ tip will bring to the cue ball offers longer distance with less speed and more precision.

The buzzword in billiards for several years has been deflection. So, let’s look at what Kamui does for deflection. Holding more chalk equates to more friction therefore more “grip”. I can admit it. It’s tough to hit the same point of the cue ball time and again. By limiting deflection the cue ball will move more consistently and therefore more accurately.

KAMUI™ simply offers more for your money. Give your billiards game more accuracy, longevity and therefore more value by adding a KAMUI™ tip to your pool cue .

Five Star Billiards, Inc., on the worldwide web at http://www.fivestarbilliards.com, offers the industry’s leading billiards and game room equipment from cues to tables, balls and learning aids. They manufacture the IVOR-X™ Ferrule and are the exclusive USA importer of the KAMUI™ cue tip. Five Star Billiards, Inc. separates itself by providing personal assistance, price match guarantees, lay-a-way plans and discounts of up to 62%, and is proud to maintain a SAFE SHOPPING rating from SquareTrade.


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