Bypass Spam Filters with RSS Feeds to Reach Your Targeted Audience

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The buzz about RSS Feeds and Blogs are real! Hundreds of thousands of business owners are jumping onto the traffic band wagon each day as news of these 2 hot technologies are seen as the Holy Grail to Spam Filters and Email Blockers.

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Email broadcasts to opt-in clients are no longer reaching targeted audiences anymore. Aggressive spam filters are blocking legitimate emails sent by companies and are costing businesses’ billions in loses each and every year.

According to Double Click, an advertising and email delivery company, reports in their Q3 2004 Email Trend Report, that the average email deliver rate (emails sent minus the combined hard and soft bounce-back rate, but not counting the e-mail messages, blocked by various filters without bouncing the message) grew slightly to 89.3%, while the average open rate is only 34.3%. The average click through rate is 8.3% and the click-to-purchase conversion rate grew to 4.2%.

It’s difficult and frustrating enough to convert members into buyers, but with the blockage by spam and email filters, legitimate companies worldwide with client and prospect lists are losing tremendous revenue every year. Businesses are crippled because only 20% to 50% of their content communication is reached. This disastrous implication not only affects your existing clientele from getting your company’s news and product announcements, but it also starves your business from converting new prospects into clients as well.    

But have no fear, according to Dillon Dao of, there’s a breakthrough way to go around the spam and email problem. It’s called RSS feeds. By using RSS feeds, your news and email broadcasts get delivered to 100% of your member lists, Guaranteed! How you ask? Well, because a RSS feed is an opt-in subscription feed. Once your members subscribe to your RSS feed, all of your messages, news, and announcements will be delivered to your subscribers’ desktop instantly, without any of the irritating hassles of filters and blockers.

RSS feeds were initially used online by the news media; newspapers like the Wall Street Journal use RSS Feeds. Now you can have your very own feed. Think of an RSS Feed as your opportunity to start your own broadcasting empire online for no cost. RSS is a way to "syndicate" your message and business content.

Syndication = Huge Traffic = Money... Just ask Oprah.

An RSS Feed is a way to broadcast your message directly to your target market. This is a way to stay in front of your clients and prospects and deliver your message. You can do this in the time that it takes to write an email.

RSS have been around for a few years but are just starting to make their way into the business & marketing world. Because they are just starting to go mainstream now is the time to catch the wave. RSS is really taking off fast.

It's called first mover advantage when you are ahead of the crowd...and now is time to be a first mover in this space. Search engines are now creating separate indexes and directories for RSS Feeds. You can get listed at or near the top of these directories if you act now, and you will get free traffic from these high rankings in these directories.

It would be like knowing all about search engines and how Google ranked your site 5 years ago. This will be a huge advantage for many reasons: you can get free traffic, better search engine rankings, and repeat targeted visitors hungry and ready to buy your services and products, etc...This technology is just beginning to explode. RSS usage is exponentially growing every month.

Why should you care? This is the hottest new technology since the web browser. It’s going to change the way people get information online forever. This means getting your news, product announcements, or broadcasts delivered 100% of the time to all of your opt-in members and subscribers. Say goodbye to spam filters and email blockers. The window of opportunity to make a huge financial impact is now.

RSS Feeds have now gone mainstream and everyone is rushing to this new technology. The masses are coming fast, be sure you get aboard. For more info on RSS Feeds, go to and download your free 10 page special report now.

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