10 things to check before buying prepaid calling cards

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Do you know there are 10 things that prepaid calling service providers donÂ?t want you to know? There are tons of prepaid calling cards out there, how do you choose?

So what’s really going on with the prepaid calling cards? You really have to pay attention on what you are getting. Here is a list of 10 things to check before buying prepaid phone cards:

1. Teaser low, cheap rates: Complicated but low rate, cheap calling plans with connection fee, monthly fee and lots of "fine print" hidden on their website where you cannot find it. You might get charged lower for long distance in state but then higher for out-of-state long distance calls. Try looking in the dictionary for these flimsy charges- connection fees, 3 minute rounding, per call charge, long talk time charges (just like long hair!) and you know what we mean.

2. Customer service: You have a problem, and contact customer service. You get an auto response email saying that some one will contact you after 48 hours. You start waiting... After 48 hours, you are still waiting.

3. Switch current local phone company: Some phone card companies want you to switch your current long distance provider and enter into long-term contracts. Please check out those "termination fees" before switching to these phone card companies.

4. Expiration Policy: If you don’t use your phone card within 30 days, all your money is gone -- kaput! Doesn’t matter if you were on your long needed vacation or if you just didn’t use your calling card for some time, or if you were ill, your prepaid account is deactivated.

5. Billing: Fuzzy billing that boggles the mind. Try using a calculator and adding those taxes, fees and you know that this is not a calling card phone bill; it’s a mess from hell!

6. Expensive international calls: Heaven forbid if you decide to dial international number and call your parents or loved ones overseas, you will realize that your talk time is speedy talk time so that you can finish your conversation.

7. Plan, Plans and more Plans: When you finally managed to find a prepaid phone company, you are stuck trying to understand which plans to choose; there are minutes plan, night and weekend plans, unlimited plans etc. Trying to make sense of which plans suits you, may become difficult since over usages are penalized heavily.

8. Features: Since most of the prepaid cards use access numbers, customer has to enter the PIN number, and long international numbers to make calls. If you are making lots of phone calls (thats why you bought the card), that wastes lot of your time.

9. One time use cards: It becomes really annoying when you realize that you only have few minutes left on the card and you need to talk something important with your loved one.

10. Rewards: You became a customer and you referred lot of people to this company. What did you get?

About TalkLoop.com

In a world abound with fees; in a world where service is non-existent; in a world where you are penalized for talking more or just not talking, TalkLoop.com provides a refreshing change for the prepaid calling card business. We have the lowest prepaid long distance and international rates with no fees - nada, zero, zilch. Domestic rates start as low as 2.0 cents/min and international as low as 1.6 cents/min.

Besides prepaid long distance and international, they provide an innovative service code named CallAgent, which allows people worldwide to use their internet connection to schedule calls and talk to their friends. Unlike VOIP phones that need a broadband connection and voice quality is suspect; this CallAgent service enables customers to use their existing phone or cell phone and experience good quality. The initial adopters of this disruptive technology will be current customers traveling abroad so they could enjoy the same low cost solution of TalkLoop.com. The company plans to provide this service outside U.S. for people all around the world.

For additional information or questions, please visit TalkLoop.com.

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