Educating the Public about the Benefits of Medication Compliance - FLAVORx Announces a Major Multi Million Dollar PR Campaign for 2005/2006

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In an Oct 8, 2005 press conference held by FLAVORx founder and CEO Kenny Kramm, the leading Maryland bio tech award winning company that has safely flavored more than 50 million prescriptions worldwide announced an enormous public awareness campaign to educate the public about the importance of medication compliance through effective and appealing medication flavors.

FLAVORx, the company that has helped physicians, pharmacists and veterinarians turn bitter-tasting medications into tasty, flavored liquids, announces plans to launch a major public awareness campaign.

This nationwide initiative is aimed at educating the public about flavoring services offered by pharmacists and veterinary hospitals.

This multi million-dollar program is part of FLAVORx's ongoing commitment to supporting pharmacists and veterinarians who use the FLAVORx system. The company's 24/7 customer support service is the model for the industry; FLAVORx professionsals answer questions from caregivers who seek to make an impossibly bitter, or just wretched-tasting, medicine appealing to a patient's taste buds.

The company views this level of support as critical to pharmacy/veterinary customers, but most importantly, to patients, whether that is a baby with seizures, a post-operative dog in pain or a geriatric patient. The FLAVORx mission is to increase medicinal compliance of physicians' orders to hasten wellness.

With over 50 million prescriptions already dispensed with this easy-to-swallow option, professionals acclaim increased compliance as critical for the effective delivery of health care.

Parents and pet owners appreciate the efforts of pharmacists and vets who, in answering their professional responsibilities, also serve the family in a practical sense: by making the medicine-giving process much easier and totally stress-free. Anyone who has struggled with a child knows all-too-well what a psychologically frustrating and physically draining effort it can be. However, when medicine tastes good, administering it is a relief for all those involved.

No other company providing flavoring solutions is able to offer the proven product safety record and professional support that is an integral part of the relationship between the pharmacist or veterinarian and FLAVORx's dedicated, professional staff.

As details of the year-long PR campaign are finalized, Kenny Kramm, FLAVORx President and CEO, reminds everyone that “pharmacies across the country are gearing up for what could be the worst flu season on record". When kids and pets don't want, or refuse to take, medications because they taste bad, parents and pet owners can rely on their pharmacists or vets, who can easily and safely turn these hard-to-take medications into moe palatable, easy-to-swallow liquids."

Liquid medication has an added benefit in cats and small dogs: pills, when swallowed 'dry' by small pets, move down the esophagus much slower than pharmacologically intended and may cause irritation or ulceration, dissolving before reaching the stomach.

There are more than 30,000 pharmacies and 2,500 veterinary hospitals currently using the proprietary FLAVORx formulary, and more join the ranks each day (one set sold every 6 hours) to make good-tasting, readily accepted medications for their customers. It is convenient for consumers to find a pharmacy that can turn prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins into safe, flavorful liquids.

Patients can locate a pharmacy or veterinarian nearest to them by going to the FLAVORx website (, or by calling 1-800-884-5771.


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