Botox: A Risky Weapon In The Battle Against Migraine

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Examining the pros and cons of the different treatments available for migraine relief. What works, what doesnÂ?t, what side effects each treatment has, etc.

For many, migraines can be one of the most debilitating and excruciatingly painful experiences in life. Sufferers aren’t able to complete tasks and have a hard time taking care of their responsibilities when having migraine attacks. There are many potential triggers for migraines and in the summertime migraine sufferers may see an increase in episodes with the brightness of the sunlight, the change in seasons, and other environmental factors. The throbbing pain can leave them desperate for relief, which poses the question: what is the best method for getting rid of a migraine headache – Botox injections or all natural supplements? Which one is better for you and will help you feel better, faster, and for longer?

Right now botulinum toxin A (trademarked as Botox, a neurotoxin that attaches itself to nerve endings and essentially causes paralysis in the muscle tissue) is all the rage in Hollywood. Anyone who’s anyone is getting injected in the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Currently, research is being conducted to see if Botox can be used to alter more than just appearance. Plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Glogau, MD conducted a small study of some of his patients that shows some signs that their Botox treatments may have aided in reducing the patient’s migraine attacks. A study of 24 of his patients showed that 75 percent saw migraine relief for 4 to 6 months after their injections. Dr. Zahid Bajwa, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, was a participant in another study on the effect on Botox on migraine sufferers. Patients received three treatments during a three month period, after which there was an average decrease in the number of migraines by over 50 percent.

There are several drawbacks, however, such as side effects like bruising around the point of injection, respiratory infection, nausea, flu like symptoms, and if you can believe it, headaches. In some rare cases Botox injections can even spread and cause temporary paralysis. The cost of having Botox injections could range anywhere from between $250 to $500. This would be a monthly expense, as anecdotal research found the effectiveness from Botox occurred in individuals who received the injections on a monthly basis.

For sufferers uninterested in needles, risks or in pricey procedures and upkeep, there is an even more effective all-natural remedy. Nexoprin™, an herbal migraine aid produced by Selmedica Healthcare, is a viable option for migraine suffers who prefer a potent all-natural approach. The combination of ingredients in Nexoprin™ is the result of multiple international studies, many of them quite recent. In fact, the ingredients are prescribed for migraine prevention in several European countries on a daily basis. Nexoprin™ comes in two parts: a capsule and a sublingual application. The capsule works as a preventive to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks and studies have shown the ingredients begin working immediately and continue to work as long as a sufferer takes them, with no decreased effectiveness. Nexoprin™ sublingual is an oral application designed to stop the headache of an attack as soon as the sufferer senses it is coming. The capsule is taken twice a day, the sublingual is used on an as-needed basis. Patients have seen anywhere from 50 to 80 percent decrease in the number and severity of migraine attacks.

The main side effect associated with Nexoprin™ was mild gastrointestinal effects (burping). A one-month supply of Nexoprin™ costs only $77 and includes both the capsules and the sublingual. Selmedica Healthcare offers migraine sufferers an added bonus for purchasing in bulk: a buy three get three free option – for a total of six months worth of prevention – for only $197, a fraction of the price of one Botox treatment.

Botox may be the most recent fountain of youth for the wealthy, but it’s an unlikely cure for migraine attacks. Botox hasn’t been proven to be a safe or effective way to treat migraine headaches. It is still in the developmental stage in its effectiveness for pain management and as far as migraine attacks are concerned, works by relaxing small groups of muscles, only one possible trigger of the many and complex triggers that can ruin a migraine sufferer’s day. Nexoprin™ is cheaper, less risky and more effective than Botox injections for helping relieve migraine attacks and addresses all triggers and side effects of a migraine attack rather than just one. The ingredients in Nexoprin™ are prescribed on a regular basis to migraine sufferers in Europe to effectively treat migraine. A potent combination of well-used, well-documented botanical ingredients would logically be a better solution. To discover more about nexoprin, simply go to

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