New Drug To Treat Varicose Veins Not As Beneficial A Solution As It Seems

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Compares various treatment options for varicose veins, weighs pros and cons.

The US Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new drug, Sotradecol developed in Canada, to treat varicose veins by injection. This treatment is generally reserved for small, uncomplicated veins in the legs and ankles. Annually, more than 1.7 million patients undergo sclerotherapy, a procedure where a damaged vein is injected with a drug to destroy it, or it is removed completely, usually by a laser procedure.

Varicose veins affect both men and women who have jobs that cause them to stand for long periods of time, are overweight, or women who are pregnant. These veins appear dark blue, twisted or bulging, and enlarged. If you suffer with this condition, you may find that your legs feel heavy, tired, and painful. Some of the physical symptoms include changes in the skin color, open sores, or bleeding after a minor cut. Home remedies for varicose veins include wearing a compression stocking, exercise, or elevating your legs. These can help improve the appearance of the legs. Unfortunately, none of these will fix or eliminate the damaged veins that hinder proper circulation of blood through the body. The most effective method to make the damaged veins disappear would be, logically, to completely remove them.

Sclerotherapy treatment is typically performed to remove damaged veins. Laser treatments have increased in popularity and a growing number of people are having their veins removed this way. For larger veins, you can expect to need multiple treatments. Once the damaged vein is removed, it will not return, but it is possible for new varicose veins to form. After surgery, you can expect the legs to initially look much worse than before surgery, and before they begin to look any better. Typically after sclerotherapy, the legs will appear dark, bruised, and swollen. For several days following the surgery, it is necessary to wear a compression stocking and go for daily short walks.

Until recently, treatments for varicose veins only addressed superficial concerns such as appearance. Other options, however, are becoming available as a solution for varicose veins, not just their unsightly appearance. Veinocal™, for instance, is an herbal supplement that can be used to eliminate varicose veins. The ingredients in this product can help reduce the swelling and pain caused by varicose veins, promote better circulation, strengthen the veins, and reduce formation of the enzymes that are suspected to cause varicose veins. Veinocal™ addresses the much deeper issues that cause varicose veins, not just their embarrassing appearance. Veinocal™ also does not require the complete removal of the damaged vein to fix the problem. Its ingredients actually work to strengthen and improve the weakened veins and increase circulation through them. People who use Veinocal™ have reported sensing an immediate difference, and noticing a visible change within 2 to 3 weeks, such as reduced swelling of the vein, fading of the vein and more energy in their legs.

As far as value for you money, home remedies are certainly the cheapest but when combined with an option like Veinocal™ can produce significant results for a fraction of the price typically charged for sclerotherapy. Herbal remedies, like Veinocal™, and home remedies also spares the veins and skin of someone already suffering embarrassment from unsightly, bulging and twisted blue veins from multiple needle pricks and gleaming knife blades. You can visit veinocal by going to


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