Author Paul J. Landis Reveals 9/11 Insights in New Book "A Real 9/11 Commission"

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The author of "Stop Bush Now" urges the American people to take the same concern for U.S. Troops as the AFL-CIO has recently shown, and suggests, "our pathetic U.S. Congress consider the arrest of Bush and Cheney 'rapidly.'"

Author of "Stop Bush Now," author Paul J. Landis' most recent book, "A Real 9/11 Commission," offers new insights into the 9/11 tragedy, while also posing new questions about President Bush, the U.S. Congress and the war in Iraq. Author Landis also urges the American people to have the same concern for U.S. Troops as the AFL-CIO has recently shown, and suggests, "our pathetic U.S. Congress consider the arrest of Bush and Cheney 'rapidly.'"

In their July 27, 2005 Resolution #53*, the AFL-CIO did what our cowardly US Congress has negligently refused to do. The AFL-CIO demanded our soldiers in Iraq be brought home "rapidly" and stated, "The American people were misinformed before the war began."

In his book, "Stop Bush Now" (ISBN 0-9760408-0-8, US $11.75, UK £7.9, July 2004;, author Paul J. Landis warned about the risks of not taking Bush and his "Republican Terrorists" at their word and their deeds. That the US Congress did not act upon the known WMD lies by Bush Before Election 2004 is tragic. For the Downing Street Memo that states "But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" to not inspire Congress to "live up to their Constitutional responsibilities" is unforgivable. **

"It needs also to be noted," stated Author Landis, "it may have escaped the Republicans in Congress, but the US Constitution gives them neither the right not the opportunity to protect a 'President,' even of the own party, who clearly lied while in office." This same statement applies to what traditionally was 'the opposition' party. Unfortunately, Americans have been painfully witness to the betrayal of principal and cowardice from that opposition party, the Democrats."

Empowered by the courageous and patriotic actions taken by the AFL-CIO, Landis urges all Americans, as well as all other unions, to follow the leadership and concern for our soldiers and their members the AFL-CIO have shown, with a note of caution and concern.

As discussed in "Stop Bush Now," in addition to a "President" willing to lie to Congress and the American people, we have a "President" whose loyalty is not to the US Constitution. The Constitution of Bush and his "Republican Terrorists," is the "Project for the New American Century" (PNAC). *** This constitution, not ratified by the American people, represents the motivation to introduce immoral and illegal actions as "pre-emptive strikes" and lying to justify a war. Further, this "President" who has his own constitution, needed an event like "a New Pearl harbor" to scare the American people, and Congress, so as to advance designs for PNAC objectives, Empire, USA

Negligence by the US Congress unfortunately applies to not only the IRAQ WAR; it applies also to the events of September 11, 2001, the "New Pearl Harbor," orchestrated for the furtherance of the PNAC. For example, where does the US Constitution give any members of Congress the right to allow a President over 400 days to be "forced" to agree to a "fixed" and "whitewash" investigation? The right to Not testify under oath? Clearly it does not.

As a result of reviews of evidence from the morning of September 11, 2001, reviews conducted by participants of A Real 9/11 Commission, also the title of author Landis's recent book,

"A Real 9/11 Commission," (ISBN 0-9760408-1-6, U.S. $12.75, UK, £ 8.7, April 2005;, We have proof "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" that: No 757 hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 and that "Demolition charges" brought down the NYC Twin Towers, Not the airplanes that hit them.

While 9/11 represents a monumental tragedy, we have the added evidence of Bush lies as to the actual events of September 11, 2001. Added to the demands of the American people that the Congress fulfill their obligations to end the Iraq war, Americans want the Truth about 9/11. That truth will further justify the arrest of Bush and Cheney.

It will be up to the American people, most likely via public hearings, to determine the degree to which an elected member of the Congress bears specific responsibility.

It is not the decision of Congress to continue their patterns of negligence. More importantly, for the safety of our citizens and our continued democracy, "We the People of the United States." must insist Congress takes actions consistent with the Treason and activities witnessed. “Or else” they may find additional, legal displeasure from their constituents.

*Resolution #53 is available on

** Downing Street Memo:

*** Bernard Weiner Co-Editor,

The Crisis Papers May 26, 2003.

And with Full Article by Mr. Weiner


Paul J. Landis


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