It is the year 3175 and America has changed, the one time great super power is gone.

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Author Bruce Alan Humphrey creates a fascinating world where medieval mores and cutting-edge technology converge. Winds of Time tells the gripping tale of Tarl Cray who is on a mission to reunite his homeland. The nation has been divided into intensely territorial sovereignties with intermittent violence and chaos. Barter trade for survival is the only civil exchange between factions. Now, an outside force is threatening to take over the one time great but now battle-weary country. Can Tarl, imbued with the ability to metamorphose into anyone, convince the warlords to reunite and face the impending larger threat? Immerse yourself in Winds of Time.

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Winds of Time is the fictional account of Tarl Cray. A specialized covert operative, Tarl has been told he must contact the leaders of the other three breakaway territories. He must convince them that their one time nation must re-unite in a combined defense against invaders. To accomplish his task Tarl has been given specific orders and lack of rules.

America has fragmented into four unique territories. The Southeast, where Tarl is based, has built itself on scientific and medical disciplines. Tarl is a direct product of their scientists. Drugs introduced into his body give him abilities never realized before the break up. Medical and scientific breakthroughs, due to the lack of government restrictions, advanced exponentially.

His first destination, the Northeast, is more or less agricultural. However, a strong security force keeps a heavy air of oppression over the populace.

The mid-western section, relatively calm and peaceful, trades with the other territories using its vast agriculture as barter. Its position in the former union is by far the strongest. In food there is power. Tarl must make contact with the governor and convince him that with his help he could stop the takeover.

On his trek west, Tarl discovers a cave buried deep within the mountains. In this cave he discovers evidence of a past civilization, on the order of eighty thousand years old. He finds machines and weapons that dwarf, yet somehow mimic the tools he has been provided. Also he discovers an enigmatic and wise cracking helper who helps him on his final quest before returning to the southeast sector.

The west is by far the most evil. Degrading into a feudalistic, power driven territory, death and survival are an every day fact of life. Security forces push the populace to the limit while governors and their families live the life of luxury.

But, an underground movement has arisen and it is these people Tarl must enlist for help. Unfortunately, Tarl learns too late that he has been tricked.

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