Investing in Iraq's Foreign Currency Can Increase Your Future Prosperity

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Buying the new Iraqi Dinar earns profits by investing in the future oil economy of Iraq.

Ask anyone if they could envision themselves investing in foreign currency, especially the Iraqi Dinar, and they would probably look at you as if you’d asked whether they’ll ever travel to Pluto some day. Yet a service from enables the average person to buy Iraqi currency, and also help their own future prosperity in the bargain.

How does buying the Iraqi Dinar help your future prosperity? The Dinar has long been a strong currency. Right now it is at a historically low rate. It is similiar to what happened in Japan and Germany after World War II. Their economies were shattered so you could buy up lots of their currency very cheaply. Once their economies got back on track, anyone who had taken advantage of that opportunity became extremely wealthy. The US Government has invested over 200 Billion Dollars in the future of Iraq so far. They have commited another 18 Billion Dollars in Reconstruction Aid. That is more than $2000 per US Household. Are you in a position to directly profit from that investment? You are if you buy New Iraqi Dinars.

“Before Saddam came to power the Dinar was worth $3.30 PER DINAR. That is a typical value for some oil producing countries in that region. For example, Kuwait's currenciy is valued between $3 - $4 a piece now. Then Saddam came to power, lost 2 wars (Iran & Kuwait) and years of UN Sanctions drove the Dinar down to it's lowest exchange rate ever. Right before Operation Freedom began, the Dinar was worth about $0.30 PER DINAR,” says Matthew Yonan, founder of Why Buy Dinar (, a federally registered foreign currency dealer. “Right now you can buy 1 Million Dinars for less than $1000.00 US. That is less than $.001 PER DINAR! Speculators have been buying the New Iraqi Dinar up in the Billions. Even if the Dinar only returns to be worth $0.01 PER DINAR, that 1 Million Dinar would be worth $10,000.00 US.”

There is no international exchange rate set for the New Iraqi Dinar yet, that is why you cannot go to a bank right now and get it. It is also what makes this opportunity possible. Once the international exchange rate is set, you will be able to bring the Dinar to many international banks and money brokers in the US and abroad to exchange it for any currency you like. The only way you can get their new currency now is to be in Iraq or buy it from a registered money broker. Why Buy Dinar brings it in legally through connections with money brokers they have there.

“Eventually the holders of New Iraqi Dinar will benefit as Iraq improves its oil production and economy. Those who position themselves by buying the Dinar today will profit at that time,” Yonan says.

All the New Iraqi Dinar sold by Why Buy Dinar is Certified Authentic Dinar. They offer a triple your money back guarantee if any of the Dinar they sell you is not authentic.

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Why Buy Dinar,

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