You Don’t Need Tom Cruise’s Approval For These Anti-Depressants

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Although Tom Cruise's recent statements against the use of anti-depressants have caused significant controversy, the pharmaceutical industry definitely has its fair share of explaining to do, when you consider that the last disease ever cured was Polio in the 1950Â?s.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard all the media buzz about the public statements Tom Cruise recently voiced against Brooke Shield’s use of antidepressants after the birth of her child, his opinion stemming from his beliefs in the teachings of the Church of Scientology. It is common for new mothers, whose bodies are on a rollercoaster ride of hormone fluctuations and changes after a birth, to experience Postpartum Depression, causing many feelings, thoughts and emotions that they would not otherwise experience if the delicate balance of hormones wasn’t bungee jumping through their system. Antidepressants are often prescribed to correct this “chemical” imbalance. When a woman is pregnant, her hormone levels will change, sometimes dramatically, to compensate for the baby. Within 24 hours of giving birth, her hormone levels rapidly shift and begin normalizing. This phenomenon alone can be enough to cause Postpartum Depression in the majority of new mothers.

The Church of Scientology is one of several groups taking a skeptical stand against the idea that depression is a chemical problem, believing that it’s something that could be treated by taking vitamins and exercising more, that it is just a ploy devised by psychiatric associations and pharmaceutical companies to make money off of unsuspecting patients. They are under the impression that people suffering with depression are being prescribed drugs to “medicate” them and help them “cope”, rather than fixing the problem. As bizarre as it may sound, they might be right.

The pharmaceutical industry definitely has its fair share of explaining to do, when you consider that the last disease ever cured was Polio in the 1950’s. Certainly we’ve come a long way since then in medical knowledge and understanding, not to mention the abundant charities that have been raising uncountable amounts of money over the past two decades (or more) for research and cures for hundreds of different conditions, diseases and traumas. We always seem to be “on the edge” of a discovery, how long can you stay on the edge before you fall off the cliff?

International studies done recently and throughout the past decade have brought to light pro-active solutions to depression, as opposed to merely coping with and medicating symptoms. And there is a clear shift in the trends of health towards alternative approaches, as people realize that daily medicating is not actually fixing the problem, and often times creates other problems through side effects. Incredulously, these side effects are often “treated” by more prescriptions. We laugh at comics and comedians who joke about this, be we also know it really happens.

Selmedica Healthcare has created a surprisingly potent botanical-based anti-depressant, Welatonin™. While the resources of phyto-pharmaceuticals (plant-based medicines) have gone largely untapped in the US – in fact, strictly regulated against by the FDA – European governments, like Germany in particular, have actually funded and led studies into the efficacy of such alternative treatments. In fact, these studies have been ongoing for over a decade, partnered with international scientists, doctors, and researchers, including many from the United States. Their published research and discoveries have led to the ingredients that make up Welatonin™.

According to extensive research and studies, the ingredients in Welatonin™ actually help to prevent the re-absorption of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, allowing the receptors in the brain a greater opportunity to recognize them. This is a significant step forward in anyone’s battle with depressive moods, sadness and hopelessness, allowing the mind to think more clearly through issues, hurts and/or fears that may have triggered depression. Certain ingredients in Welatonin™ also help increase circulation, specifically to the brain, according to research. This can be very helpful with sleepiness, exhaustion and insomnia, common symptoms of depression. Feeling better rested and more energized can also help reduce feelings of depression and allow the sufferer to feel more clear minded to work through thoughts and emotions that can be perpetuating depression.

As the trends in health shift further and faster towards alternative treatments, new alternatives such as Welatonin™, to conventional chemical and synthetic treatments for issues like depression, are increasing in popularity. As big-wig pharmaceutical companies continue to partner with the FDA and politicians like Senator Bob Frist in attempts to take drastic legislative measures to ensure they alone hold the keys to health, more people are taking initiative to educate themselves and ensure they will have the freedom now and in the future to choose alternatives that are widely used internationally and proven through documented research, tests and studies to be as effective, and often times superior to conventional treatments with one glaring difference: typically these alternative treatments produce very few, if any side effects.

Perhaps the nail in the coffin of the major drug companies may be an offer common among producers of alternative treatments like Welatonin™: a 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee. Not to mention the price. To purchase alternative treatments like Welatonin™ from Selmedica Healthcare or any other manufacturer of botanical products, does not require a war with your insurance provider. As much as the pharmaceutical company would like to regulate them, these alternatives cannot be sold as prescriptions. The typical cost for a one-month supply is less than $300, $200, or even $100. Welatonin™, for example, is only $67 a month. And Selmedica Healthcare, like many similar companies, offer increasingly better deals, such as buy three get three free – a six month supply for only $177. Ask any pharmacy or drug company to beat a guarantee or a deal like that – you’d be laughed at.

Tom Cruise is just one of an exponentially growing number of Americans who are very interested in taking their health into their own hands, wary of chemicals that merely help someone cope with symptoms, rather than address the problem at the core, and typically create new problems like high blood pressure, hair loss, even suicidal thoughts, that are also often “coped” with instead of fixed. As far out as his statements may have sounded, at the heart of it, Tom Cruise is just an American who has a platform of fame to help encourage independent thinking, productive questioning and the freedom to choose for yourself. For more information, visit


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