The Dominion Group Becomes First Technology Provider To Receive DO-230A Verification For Unmanned Access Control At U.S. Airports

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A Portal Entrance System that has been the only product to be certified to the DO230A criteria for unmanned access control at US Airports. This superior technology means huge savings for taxpayers, airports and the private sector.

Today, the Dominion Group, a global marketer of security solutions, announced that they became the first security company in the nation to obtain DO-230A verification for unmanned access control at US airports. Special committee 199 was formed by the RTCA to find such solutions. The Dominion Group President, Matt Gaines stated " This technology" he continued, is an exciting day for the traveling public, the aviation market, and our nation's taxpayers, with a superior use of tax dollars, to combat the threat of terrorism. This revolutionary technology is important now, more then ever, because our nation needs solutions that work and are cost effective. The Model 2DLV can easily be deployed, providing more efficient and productive service and security".

The Model 2DLV with Dynamic Software is a complete system that can be easily integrated with any biometric device, an item of importance currently with the TSA according to the Broad Agency Announcement published by the TSA in June of 2005. The Dominion Group Model 2DLV portals are made of steel and Level 3 bullet resistive glass that has been certified by the US State Department for Ballistics and Forced Entry. The portals patented dynamic software guard against piggy backing and tailgating access to sterile areas of any facility in need of security, not just airports. The Model 2DLV Portal Entrance System integrates seamlessly with any biometric device that has been previously been determined by the location's security plan. The entrant requests entry, then the outer leaf of the portal opens, they enter and it closes behind them. If any level of contraband is detected or is left in the chamber the portal's multi-lingual announcement will broadcast "Please exit, and re-enter". If the security criteria is met, access is granted, however if any object is left in the chamber, the residual weight is detected and the chamber recycles three times and then will lock, until security arrives to identify the threat. The system can be remotely monitored by CCTV, providing unmanned access that is secure for the employee and the environment.

Earlier versions of the portals currently are in place at the entrance to The US Justice Department in Washington DC. The portals are priced around $70,000 and are a commercial off the shelf technology, available through the Dominion Group whose corporate headquarters located are in Astoria NY.

"The product easily integrates with discreet components and technologies to provide identity verification, this product not only met the minimum standard for the requirements in DO-230A, but far exceeded it" as quoted in a letter from Paul Ruwaldt Test Lead, TSL in Atlantic City NJ.

About The Dominion Group: Astoria NY - The Dominion Group, a global security solutions company, whose manufacturer is Georal International, which are both dedicated to providing complete security solutions. The Dominion Group are proud to provide security to the federal, aviation, military and private sectors. Leading the industry in eliminating the threat of potential hazards in sterile environments"

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