Roy Jones Jr. Comes Back to Fight Tarver for the Glory of the Trilogy - High Roller Magazine Features Exclusive Interview with Jones Jr.

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In an exclusive interview featured in the coming issue of High Roller Magazine (, Roy Jones Jr. gives the world a piece of his mind. He talks on his coming fight with Antonio Tarver and whatÂ?s to come on this new venture coming out of retirement...

One of the most anticipated bouts in the world of boxing has been arranged: coming out of retirement world champion Roy Jones Jr. will face Antonio Tarver in what could become one of the most explosive fights in the history of boxing and the third and final fight of the next legendary boxing trilogy.

Legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. (49-3, 38 KOs) doesn't mince on words and he's got a few things to say and his words sure add a lot of weight to his image.

“Look,” said Roy Jones Jr. in a heartfelt interview with High Roller magazine “those guys (Tarver and Johnson) fought an amazing fight against each other the other night, but nobody cares. No offense but the truth is the truth. No one wants to see them do that again, it’s just not interesting. They were practically giving those tickets away at the end of the night. The people want to see them fight Roy Jones Jr. It’s about what people will pay to see, all about the money.”

Jones defeated Tarver in a close decision in November 2003. Tarver (23-3, 18 KOs) avenged the loss with a second-round knockout of Jones six months later.

Why a third fight against Antonio Tarver?

“(In our last fight) the guy simply got a lucky punch, which just happens sometimes. This guy, Tarver, has to define himself against me. Without me, no one would even know who he is… he's struggling to eclipse me and use me to try to become somebody… but I'll just do what I do,” stated Jones.

Is Roy Jones Jr. mentally prepared to fight Tarver?

”You know, fighting Johnson after Hurricane Ivan was a huge risk that didn't work out. When you go into a tough fight, you have to put everything away and out of your mind: your family, your friends, everything. Everything has to be secondary. Two weeks before the fight, the hurricane destroyed my hometown and we were living off a generator and my mind was everywhere but training and fighting” said Jones Jr. “That's no excuse, that's just the way it was,” he added.

“(I will train) about 3 months this time and I might do some work with my dad this time… I just know me, I know if I'm focused and motivated I can walk through whoever I want … (including Tarver),” said Jones. “I am a warrior, one of God’s game roosters”.

Read the provocative statements of what many consider the best pound-for-pound fighter in the history of boxing, Roy Jones Jr. in this unique and exclusive interview conceded to High Roller Magazine (

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