In Business-to-Business Marketing, the 'Big Wait' is a Costly Mistake

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When putting off the start of a new marketing campaign seems like a reasonable notion, ask yourself, 'Can you afford to lose more ground to your competition?'

The inability to pull the trigger on key marketing decisions is a curious problem.

On one hand, a properly selected, well conceived business to business marketing program is the key to a company's growth and expansion. For many companies that have been struggling, or are stalled, implementing a marketing solution that will generate leads and sales is Priority One. So, why is it that such a decision is often put off with some form of “we think we will wait?”

“Many business owners and execs have no sense of the tremendous liability of waiting to start a marketing effort,” says John W. Elliott, CEO of Power PR (, a marketing public relations firm. “By waiting, they're not confronting how the game is played. Business competition is like a race. When you're not moving forward, you're losing ground.”

Although clearly there can be a legitimate reason to delay a business-to-business marketing effort, there are also reasons that sound reasonable, but which are thinly veiled excuses to put off decision making. Famous examples include: “Even though we're interested, we're not going to start a marketing effort until things improve first,” “We think marketing will help, but we want to wait until the end of the year,” and “We've got to get our ducks in a row so let's talk again in several months.”

Elliott has heard all these excuses before. As a business-to-business marketing public relations firm, Power PR promotes its client's product or service through the mass media – online and print. By generating a large volume of published articles over time, a marketing public relations firm builds brand awareness and dramatically increases the quantity of qualified leads.

According to Elliott there are immediate- and long-term benefits that can be achieved through a full marketing publicity program that illustrate why “waiting” is detrimental.

For instance, Power PR offers an aggressive online marketing publicity program that is designed to generate Internet published and drive up the client's keyword rankings on Google and Yahoo!. Within weeks of beginning such a program, a properly distributed press release can drive up web traffic and stimulate call in leads. Furthermore, dramatic increases in Google rankings can occur in as little as a month.

“When you consider that 60 percent of all Internet sales go to the companies in the top five search results, every single day that a company is not at the top it is missing out on legitimate sales opportunities that are being captured by the competition,” says Elliott.

Generating a large volume of print published is also a critical element in a business to business marketing publicity program, but there are inevitable delays in the process. For instance, editors that are approached today with editorial material will likely be working on an issue that won't be out for two to four months. Waiting to start only compounds the delay and places the company's recovery further into the future.

“The sooner you start an appropriate business to business marketing effort, the sooner you will benefit from the leads and sales that will result,” says Elliott.


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