Completely Unique Launches Complete Support Engine, A New Add-On Module of Invision Power Board Forum Site.

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Complete Support Engine is the first ever support and help desk module for Invision Power Board (IPB) Forum users and owners. Complete Support Engine is a fully functional help desk module that is easily installed into any IPB Forum. The module includes the ability to manage it from the ACP section of the IPB Forum. Complete Support Engine also includes a knowledge base tool that can be built out to support answering common and repeated customer questions. Being able to have end-users access the IPB Forum owners support system without having to leave the IPB Forum ensures that the end-user stays within the Forum experience.

Completely Unique announces the launch of their newest product Complete Support Engine (CSE), the first ever support and help desk module for Invision Power Board (IPB) Forum users and owners.

Consider this Scenario and Relevant Information

Imagine if you have an end-user who has found a bug in your product, service or forum site. Do you want them to have to e-mail you or leave the forum to go access a separate support system. Of course not. It's key to be able to service your products, services and forum site specifically via your IPB Forum itself. This is where Complete Support Engine comes into play. They can submit a support ticket from within the IPB Forum and it creates an activity and audit trail that both support staff and the end-user can follow as the issue is being resolved.

There has never been a support system or help desk that can be integrated and operated directly from the Invision Power Board forum product. CSE is for those IPB Forum Users and Forum Managers that want to be able to integrate a help desk system into the IPB Forum and then see their members receive support directly from the help desk within their IPB Forum. These visionary people need to buy Complete Support Engine and either install the module themselves into their IPB Forum site. Alternatively a customer can have Completely Unique support staff professionally install it for them, so they can take advantage of this service & support solution straight away.

How did Complete Support Engine take life?

Thanks to the work of Project Manager, Elijah Gallatin and the supporting staff and QA Testers for Complete Support Engine this module has been built, tested and evaluated by both qualified testers and real-life clients and customers that signed up to help ensure that CSE was the best it could be. Complete Support Engine that was built over a period of 5-6 months with 2-3 months of dedicated testing and evaluation in controlled and real-world environments.

"CSE has proven itself time and again in how well it operates and functions, and Elijah Gallatin has taken this module through its paces to ensure that all of the requirements and functionality made the grade per our customers requests", stated John Fisher, President of Completely Unique. "Elijah in the past has focused mostly on custom development work for Completely Unique, but with this release of Complete Support Engine, the new version in the works, and some other products he is apart of, he is proving to be one of our best product developers."

When asked about the challenge of building CSE Elijah Gallatin responded by saying, "Complete Support Engine, and the need for a built in support desk and knowledge base solution, has always been something missing in IPB in my mind. Granted it's been talked about, but I really believed it was time to do something about it, and so did the rest of the CU Staff. Ensuring that it was completely integrated into IPB and its Administration Control Panel was one of the bigger items to tackle. In doing so, I truly believe that CSE is a huge value add to any forum and/or Web site that uses forums for providing any and all types of service and support to its members."

Invision Power Board (IPB) Forum Owners, Adminstrators, and End-Users. IPB Forum owners and administrators can install Complete Support Engine into their IPB Forum product and then set it up to provide help desk features for their products, services and their Web site and/or Forum site itself. It is can and is often use for forum specific issues as a direct feedback tool. This product covers the ability for them to have an integrated support desk and help desk capability within their IPB Forum.

Complete Support Engine includes a powerful ACP Control Panel addition that is fully integrated into the IPB Administrative Control Panel (ACP) and includes all the abilities show in the screenshots plus the following additional abilities and functionality:

  • Enable inline editing.
  • Permissions based inline editing.
  • Tickets to show per page.
  • Groups allowed to submit tickets.
  • Custom error message to show to groups that cannot submit tickets.
  • Ticket prefix.
  • Custom prefix.
  • Require user to enter a subject when submitting a ticket.
  • Allow bbcode in tickets.
  • Allow emoticons in tickets.
  • Ticket reply subject.

This new module sells for $40.00 for the complete CSE Module/Add-on or $50.00 with the CDM Module/Add-on and the Installation completed for you. Annual updates and maintenance for CDM are only $15.00 per year after the 1st year. The Complete Support Engine v1.0 is currently designed for IPB Version 2.0.x forum sites. Any purchases made will also include a free upgrade to CSE for IPB Version 2.1.x forum sites, once this product is in final release.

For more information you can visit the Complete Support Engine product web page by visit the following location:

About Completely Unique

Completely Unique (CU) is a whole new kind of company on the Internet dedicated to the people with Small Businesses, Internet Businesses, and Hobbyists alike. CU focuses on providing complete turn-key or a la' carte solutions to Infopreneurs, NOHO/SOHO groups, Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Businesses. CU is where people and their businesses can access Enterprise Level Products and Services at Small Business Prices, with Premier Service and Support backing it all up! CU provides direct level consulting services and subject matter experts as personal advisors. The IIS expectation is that clients and their businesses will find greater success via the IIS products and services.

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