Focus on Lung Cancer...approaches to prevention beyond not smoking

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Many types of cancer are discovered when it is too late to save the patient, including lung cancer that killed Jennings. Fortunately, there are relatively painless ways to prevent the disease. Not smoking is one. Another is to take antioxidants regularly, to eliminate "free radicals" that cause most cancers to begin with.

Many types of cancer are difficult to detect until it is too late. Some of them yield no apparent symptoms, and many are not found except through elaborate tests – or accidentally. Sometimes, different tests offered different and conflicting results.

Increasingly this realization has become more acute as more people become better informed. News like the recent death of ABC’s anchor, Peter Jennings, precisely brought this realization home to more people, and search for ways and means to protect or prevent against not only lung cancer, but all cancers, will inevitably increase.

What is the latest science telling us on available options? There are tons of offers on the web sites on remedies and cures, but how to choose between all these solutions? One avenue which has been validated by main stream research centers is through the intake of antioxidants. They are shown to eliminate “free radicals” which seem to cause cancers.    

But there are numerous substances that are classified as antioxidants and there are offerings in the market of different formulations which combined different kinds of antioxidants. Which ones are the most effective and reliable? That is a difficult choice for the average consumer, particularly some antioxidants taken separately, or in large dosage, could be harmful, rather than helpful. They become pro-oxidant rather than antioxidant.

The safest approach is to rely on the pedigree of the products: who formulated them and who have vouched for them. There appears to be only one that meets the top level test in that regard: that is Ondroxtm. This is an antioxidant formulation develop at the Cancer Center, rated No. 1 in the country. Furthermore, it is the only antioxidant formulation endorsed by a major foundation for cancer research. It is also the only antioxidant formulation that has received patents from the U.S. Patent Office and European Patent Office. One Noble Laureate stated that he used it.

Ondroxtm is a multi-antioxidant consisting of 37 different ingredients, designed to scavenge “free radicals” at the highest possible rate (more than 90% inhibition rate on cancer promotion). Animal trials conducted at the Cancer Center proved these claims to be valid. For more information on the formulation, see

It should be noted that this product has not been approved by Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, mitigate, treat, or cure a disease. It is being sold as a dietary supplement in accordance with the rules established by the FDA.

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