Amby Baby Helps Solve the Common Problem of Sleep Deprivation – Especially for New Parents

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Amby Baby Motion Beds help solve a very common problem - sleep deprivation Â? by helping infants sleep peacefully during their first year of development.

Minneapolis, MN - - Amby Baby, the official manufacturer of the The Amby Baby Motion Bed - a natural alternative sleeping bed designed to help infants sleep peacefully during their first year of development, helps solve the common problem of sleep deprivation.

Craig Patnode, Amby Baby CEO, answers the question – What is sleep deprivation? “If you are a new parent, you know the answer to that question: not getting enough sleep in a 24 hour period. You may not have even had a solid hour of sleep since you brought your baby home. If you are exhausted and have almost no physical energy, and are not getting the six to nine hours of sleep recommended for adults between the ages of 16 and 65, then you are sleep deprived”.

When people are deprived of sleep they are more likely to be pessimistic, more prone to post partum depression, and more easily angered or saddened. People are also more susceptible to illness and accidents, both around the house and behind the wheel. Not only does sleep deprivation contribute to poor mental and physical health, but it is dangerous for babies as well.

Baby and Sleep Deprivation

Patnode adds that “you may be surprised to learn that your baby may be suffering from sleep deprivation as well. The first month of life, baby needs a total of 16 hours of sleep. Three month olds need 15 hours of sleep. But when an infant falls asleep, their sleep cycles consist of only 50-60 minutes. This means that for a good part of every hour of sleep, they are sleeping lightly enough to be easily woken.”

By the time a baby is about 4 months old, he or she should be sleeping between 6 and 8 hours at night. At 6 months, that number rises to between 10 and 12 hours and stays there through the toddler years. But up through 9 months of age, babies will probably wake up at least once a night.

Before they are four months old, babies have no diurnal clock, which means that their body does not naturally lean toward longer sleep sessions at night as opposed to day time. But an adult body is diurnal. So how do parents help babies get to sleep for longer periods of time so that both parent and child will be better rested?

What Can You Do About It?

Amby Baby Motion Bed is a swinging hammock that not only helps babies fall asleep but keeps them asleep longer. By providing constant motion, the Amby Baby bed Sleep is invaluable, for both parents and babies, and the price of an Amby Baby Motion Bed pays for itself time and again.

When babies sleeps better:

  • parents will lose less time and productivity at work
  • parents will be healthier and save untold sums on doctor bills, and
  • both parent and child will enjoy your time together with less fuss

Countless mothers and fathers who have given an Amby Baby Motion Bed to their infant agree: there’s nothing better than Amby Baby for curing sleep deprivation.

Young mother Kelli says, “I got it [Amby Baby] for my son when he was 1 1/2 months old and he has slept soundly through the night since the day it arrived.”

Another mother, Christy, says that thanks to her Amby Baby Motion Bed, “[My son] has slept through the night since he was a newborn.”

Ask Dr. Bob Sears

Dr. Bob Sears is the author of multiple baby books including: The Baby Book, The Successful Child Book, The Fussy Baby Book, and The Birth Book, each updated regularly. Here’s what he has to say about sleep deprivation and the Amby Baby Motion Bed:

“Long term sleep deprivation can cause depression, anxiety, and physical symptoms such as headaches…more concerning is that a tired mom who's been up all night with a baby risks falling asleep at the wheel while driving the other kids around town. Babies need happy, well-rested parents. Finally there is a perfect answer for the restless sleeper! The Amby Baby Motion Bed.”

About Amby Baby

Amby Baby is the official manufacturer of The Amby Baby Motion Bed - a natural alternative sleeping bed designed to help infants sleep peacefully during their first year of development. The Amby Baby Motion Bed mimics the natural movements, within the mother’s womb creating a feeling of security and promotes longer sleep durations for baby. The Amby Baby hammock motion bed design has an upright, angled position assisting babies with natural sleep, colic and reflux.

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Amby Baby is the official manufacturer of the patented Amby Baby Motion Bed.

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