Lily&Me, Inc. Announces an Easy, At-Home Health Screening Kit for Dogs and Cats

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ThePetCheckUp Gives Dogs and Cats the Health Care Advantage of Early Detection. Now there is something pet owners can do in addition to routine veterinary care to help protect the good health of their dogs and cats. ThePetCheckup uses the same urinalysis test materials that are routinely used in veterinary clinics. We have specially packaged them for home use to provide pet owners with an easy, inexpensive tool to catch many potential imbalances before symptoms appear --when treatment is generally most effective, simpler, and least expensive.

Lily&Me, Inc. introduces ThePetCheckup, a health screen that now enables pet owners to monitor their pets’ health in their own homes between regular veterinary visits. ThePetCheckup detects imbalances so that the animal can get veterinary care at an early stage of illness, when treatment is often simpler and most successful.

Providing a new level of care for dogs and cats, ThePetCheckup is the first product of its kind on the market. The kit contains a urine test that shows imbalances that can lead to over 10 of the most common pet ailments—including diabetes, kidney disease, urinary, bladder, and kidney infections, autoimmune diseases, and liver diseases. The test materials are standards in the industry and the same materials that are routinely used in veterinary clinics.

Diseases in dogs and cats often go unnoticed by even the most attentive pet owners. For example, up to two-thirds of kidney functioning can be lost before an animal shows any outward signs of illness.

“Pet owners are often shocked when they suddenly discover their animal is in the midst of a serious health challenge,” says Bev Allen, President of Lily&Me, Inc. “We wanted to give people an easy, affordable tool they could use at home to find a potential problem before it becomes a serious ailment.”

Katy Jess, of Jupiter, Florida, gives high marks to ThePetCheckup. “We were about to take a trip and leave our cats with a sitter. I gave our cats, Bowie and Wolfie, ThePetCheckup test before we left, just to be on the safe side. Wolfie’s test showed a strong imbalance in his urine, even though we had seen no changes in his appearance, appetite, or behavior. We took him to our veterinarian who discovered a bladder infection that would have become very painful if we hadn’t caught it before our trip.”

Dr. Robert Wiegert, DVM with twenty-five years of veterinary experience, says, “Early detection is the most powerful tool a veterinarian has. Typically, by the time we see an animal, its illness is advanced and more difficult to treat. But when conditions are detected early, many of them are correctable, often by just a change in the animal’s diet.”

ThePetCheckup’s urine test takes about five minutes to administer. The product’s manual gives simple, step-by-step instructions for collecting the urine sample and reading the test results.

ThePetCheckup is used monthly, between routine veterinarian visits. It makes the pet owner a valuable teammate of the veterinarian by giving the animal and the vet the most powerful edge in the animal’s health care—time, or early detection.

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