Spyware Defense™ Introduces Next Generation Spyware Protection

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Spyware Defense is an efficient software program driving even more robust functionality than other similar applications on the market today.

Ashantiplc Ltd., provider of software development and proprietary technology to individuals and businesses worldwide, today announced the launch of its Spyware Defense application. Spyware Defense is an efficient software program driving even more robust functionality than other similar applications on the market today. Its biggest advantage is in its real-time elimination of spyware upon detection, user control over what programs are eliminated and what are kept, and its centralized management features within a LAN environment for large-scale enterprise protection.

Spyware Defense works on single computers or local area networks. Its robust, centralized LAN features include domain-wide client installation, remote client execution, remote client signature updates and scheduled automatic remote client spyware scanning and removal. Enterprises and IT administrators find the application extremely effective because it offers scanning and removal of spyware for all LAN clients from one single location.

Spyware Defense guards PCs from infection caused by malicious code downloaded without the users’ knowledge while surfing the Internet, receiving email or downloading freeware or shareware programs including peer-to-peer file swapping products. Once infected, a user’s computer can transmit private and confidential data including email addresses, proprietary business intelligence, passwords and credit card numbers, and drain computer memory resources and bandwidth, which leads to slowed processing.

Spyware Defense secures users growing and adaptive vulnerabilities, offering a real-time, desktop interface that tracks any spyware activity on a computer, letting users monitor and prevent most spyware infection attempts instantly. The application offers a Simple and Advance User Interface Mode. Users can view a list of possible spyware found on the hard drive with the option to quickly delete it, including tracking cookies that can obtain personal information leading to identity theft. Some other features include ActiveX, BHO, LSP, Hosts File Management and removal, Internet Explorer web-based settings management, Windows Process list management, Open Hidden windows management, search strings and a complete restore feature to undo any changes you make.

“After two years’ of research and development, we’re excited to finally offer this superior technology to individuals and business enterprises,” states James Pauls of Ashantiplc Ltd. “The new Spyware Defense application scans and removes more than 1,000 different spyware programs from the user’s computer in real-time. It protects users seamlessly, launching automatically with Windows. So businesses are no longer vulnerable to spyware security breaches. We’ve also made usability as efficient and hands-free as possible, to ensure every computer stays clean.”

The company offers a free ActiveX and download version of Spyware Defense to try, allowing anyone the ability to scan their computer’s hard drive and view existing spyware downloads. Ashanti PLC, Ltd. offers a 15-day money back guarantee for all software purchases and delivers ongoing online technical support.

To download a free trial version or full application of Spyware Defense, visit http://www.SpywareDefense.com.


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