Private Corporate Executive Takes Lead with Anti-terrorism Effort

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Corporate executive presents broad experience in leadership, public policy and crisis management.

As a corporate officer in the trucking industry, Terry M. Evans has overseen national and international over-the-road trucking company operations, and successfully managed the startup of new trucking operations in various states. As such he is extremely well versed in the people, the players, the problems and the regulatory environment of the trucking industry. On a daily basis he has dealt with the diverse concerns brought forward by drivers, shippers, repair personnel, law enforcement, regulators, civic leaders, members of the public, and representatives of other carriers.

Out of this experience Mr. Evans has developed an understanding of, sincere interest in and deeply-felt concern for the safety and well-being of truckers and trucking companies in the face of national threats whose consequences could severely impact the functioning of the transportation industry and the supply-chain flows upon which our national economy now depends. Mr. Evans holds particular empathy for the independent owner-operators, small and medium-sized trucking companies who transport the great majority of our nation’s goods and services, but who do not have the resources to creatively contend on their own with these threats, and yet who are generally overlooked by government-backed programs which tend to focus on the very large companies.

He feels very strongly that by pooling the knowledge of an advisory group representing all disciplines associated with enhancing cost-effective safety and security in the industry, with ideas contributed by thoughtful members of the transportation community, regulators and the interested public at large, the most efficient and effective programs and preventive measures can be developed and offered to this audience. He also feels that such a knowledge base will prove to be a great asset in providing a voice to inform policymakers in developing their responses to terrorism and other threats as regards the transportation industry.

Mr. Evans is particularly well qualified to be a leader in this effort. In addition to his transportation industry experience, he brings to bear two decades of prior experience in psychology and direct crisis management. In this capacity he was directly responsible for coordinating with many different agencies, worked directly with Law Enforcement, developed new programs and secured funding and grants. He was also frequently personally involved in resolving and defusing life-threatening and/or violent situations. He also managed individual and group therapy sessions, and performed emergency evaluations of troubled people.

Among the many very effective traits, that complement Mr. Evans’ knowledge, leadership and experience in the industry, are his extraordinary interpersonal, communication and training skills. Among his more memorable experiences he counts providing course instruction to physician interns at a major medical center, and providing the psychiatric training for RN candidates at an associated nursing school. With a well-earned knowledge of marketing thrown in, Mr. Evans is an experienced and masterful public speaker, presenter and lobbyist.

As the founder and driving force behind Fleet Defender, Mr. Evans has the will, the determination, the organizational talents and the leadership skills to carry on as its most effective advocate and spokesman.

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