Whether Going Public, or Being Acquired by Microsoft, Media Training is Critical for Business Executives

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Better Business Presentations Helps Companies Prepare for Media Scrutiny

Business executives who may be skilled at managing and growing a business, sometimes find they are uneasy when facing the media’s tough or pointed questions.

That's why savvy executives know that when it comes to talking to the press, it’s good business to be prepared by anticipating questions and formulating answers, in addition to recognizing other essentials. The executive media trainers at Better Business Presentations (http://www.betterbusinesspresentations.com) know this as well and offer individual and group media training programs that build confidence and help presenters stay on message.

A recent client, Sybari Software, learned just how important it was to feel comfortable around the media as senior executives were preparing for the company’s initial public offering (IPO) road show and suddenly were confronted by the media as Microsoft announced its intent to purchase the company.

"We were preparing this client to discuss the merits of their company and handle focused questioning from the investment community and suddenly the company’s phones were ringing off the hook from reporter’s who had read Microsoft’s announcement and wanted to hear more from the company," commented Arthur Germain, Vice Present at Better Business Presentations (BBP). "Fortunately the client was able to shift gears, confident they could act according to regulations while not melting under the media assault."

Smart business people, and those that have become wiser after uncomfortable experiences, recognize the value of being prepared for the media whether during a planned event like a press conference or an impromptu meeting at a trade show. With limited time to tell your "story" and questions that can result in answers "you wish you hadn't said," time invested in media training is often time well spent.

“Being comfortable and prepared around the media is an important skill since most interviews last 20 minutes or less, with television and radio interviews lasting only three to five minutes,” adds Germain. “You don’t often get a second chance to make your point clearly and effectively, which is why we train business people to organize their speaking points, adapt to potential media questioning that can be sensitive in nature, and dialogue in order to stay on track and on message, while allowing the ‘company’ to speak with one voice.”

Today, sound bites, video clips and online stories can unjustly influence opinions. Often businesses don’t get a chance to re-tell their story, and the Internet can be a constant reminder of something an executive wishes he or she hadn’t said. More than ever media training is essential, whether the company is announcing an IPO, being acquired, or simply discussing the benefits of a new product or service.

Among BBP’s Media Training programs is one the company calls:

Mind over Media

This program helps business people learn to avoid the trap of "media mystique" and shows them how to manage a media interview in any situation. It also develops the skills needed to effectively communicate with the media to best present their company message.

This program allows business people to:

  • Personalize communications to meet each reporter’s needs.
  • Understand the differences in types of media.
  • Deliver key messages and stay “on message” during interviews.
  • Understand tactics used by both interviewers and interviewees
  • Understand how to remain open and cooperative.
  • Educate reporters in a non-threatening way.
  • Effectively organize talking points into concise messages.
  • Know what not to say or do.

About Better Business Presentations

Better Business Presentations (BBP), a division of Marcomm Group, an integrated marketing agency, makes weak presenters strong and good presenters exceptional, whether talking to the media, selling to a customer, or presenting to fellow employees. We provide the guidance, counsel, and sometimes the content that helps you communicate your message more effectively. We help you present with more confidence, and achieve greater message impact. The results of our efforts can be measured in dollars earned through better sales, better informed employees and even better media coverage. For information, call Marcomm Group at 516-829-0404 or visit http://www.betterbusinesspresentations.com

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