Giving Up Junk Food Buys Michelle Boskin a New Honda Accord

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Los Angeles teacher Michelle Boskin used the money she saved by not going to McDonald's to buy a new Honda Accord. In the process Michelle lost 120 pounds and changed her life.

Los Angeles teacher Michelle Boskin has lost 120 pounds in one year and, with the money she saved from giving up junk food, purchased a new Honda Accord.

Michelle, who had over 200 pounds to lose, went to Positive Changes Hypnosis of Beverly Hills, which used hypnosis and nutrition, to help her take off pounds. Hypnosis makes suggestions to the subconscious mind, nutrition teaches what foods to eat, in which order, and why. “Most overweight people haven’t a clue about nutrition,” says Suzy Prudden, Master Hypnotherapist and CEO of the company.

Michelle had been on numerous diets. She lost and gained weight, in typical yo-yo fashion, many times. Before she started hypnosis, she was completely out of control.

“I would go to MacDonald’s five times a day, eat 10 candy bars – all kinds of junk. I was always hungry and low on energy. I didn’t realize that junk food and sugar I was using to get energy were making me feel exhausted. As soon as I started eating real food, I stopped having cravings, stopped being hungry all the time and had energy to burn. Weight loss started immediately. In the last year I’ve dropped six dress sizes.”

The Center gave Michelle a pamphlet that said it costs approximately $3,000 a year to maintain 30 extra pounds. She figured out how much she had spent every week before starting her program and decided to put it away to spend on herself. “Losing my first 100 pounds seemed like a celebration and I decided to see if I could afford a new car. When I counted up all that money I was amazed to discover I had saved $12,000.”

Michelle’s changes weren’t limited to losing weight. She wanted a job as a teacher but test anxiety had kept her from passing the CBEST test. She asked her hypnotist to make her a tape that would overcome her anxiety. Within a month she passed with flying colors and was hired immediately to teach a class of seriously troubled children. “I love my job, I love the kids, I love making a difference in the world.

“My whole life has changed. In the past, when I would travel, airlines would give me a hard time about fitting into the seats. That kind of embarrassment has stopped. Recently I discovered that I could sit in booths in restaurants. I no longer have sleep apnea, which helps with my energy level. I feel really good about myself, my health and my life … and I love my new car.”

When asked if she’s going to continue with her program, Michelle replied, “You bet. I’m going to lose another hundred pounds and pay for the rest of my car.”

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