Artemis Solutions Group ( -- ASG Announces Several International Pilot Programs for Its BioCert® Authenticator™ Technology

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Current customers engaged in piloting BioCert® technology for rapid integration of fingerprint biometric identification include government agencies, national pharmaceutical dispensaries, and a Canadian banking organization. Customer interest and growth in sales of BioCert® Authenticator™ Fingerprint Biometric Toolkits is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

Artemis Solutions Group -- ASG (, a global leader in biometric and smart card technology announced today that several local and international organizations have integrated or are piloting significant deployments of its BioCert® Authenticator™ Toolkit technology.

Biometrics is the process of uniquely identifying an individual based upon a unique biological trait, such as a fingerprint. Biometrics has two main methods -- Identification and Verification.

Identification automatically and uniquely identifies the individual and tells the program or database "This is whom this individual is." This is also known as 1:n matching and searches a database of biometric data to identify the user simply with their fingerprint.

Verification requires a statement of user identity such as a username, pin or passcode and can tell the program or database "Yes, This person is whom they claim to be, but cannot identify the user simply by their biometric template." This is also known as 1:1 matching.

Verification biometrics is very easy to accomplish since you are simply checking a single record vs. a single biometric template.

Biometric Identification, such as that provided by the BioCert® Authenticator™ toolkits has always been a cumbersome process because most matching algorithms require substantial processing power and powerful database engines to accurately identify the user. Packaging this complex technology so that it is easy to integrate for custom programmers has always been a difficult proposition...until the introduction of the BioCert® Authenticator™ toolkits.

ASG introduced its line of BioCert® Authenticator™ Fingerprint Biometric Toolkits ( over 3 years ago with the concept of simple drop-in modules. All any programmer has to do now is insert 2-3 lines of code within their existing application to add fingerprint biometric identification.

With the concept of bypassing the need for cumbersome SDK's and simply "dropping in" an active-x control, BioCert® Authenticator™ toolkits are allowing programmers to rapidly deploy secure biometric solutions within their applications in minutes rather than weeks or months.

The integration of the BioCert® Authenticator™ and the developers application is seamless and efficient. "In a two hour plane ride, I was able to add secure biometric authentication to our application using the BioCert Authenticator Toolkit" -- Richard Dechow, HealthCard Network (

"Traditional software development kits (SDK) incorporating biometrics require a substantial amount of programming experience at a very high level. Our BioCert toolkits are designed to allow users with very little effort to immediately integrate biometrics within their custom applications, databases and other business critical software." -- Marc Potvin, BioCert Authenticator Project Manager for ASG.

"Other companies have tried to copy our success with this concept, some have even copied our distribution model, but none of them can come close to meeting our value proposition. We can offer the near-immediate integration of fingerprint biometrics for up to 20,000 fingerprints for under $500. Most of our competitors charge at least 4 times - some even 10 times that much. We even have a program to give this program away to students, programmers or companies wishing to evaluate the technology." -- James Childers, CEO of ASG.

BioCert® Authenticator™ toolkits are available in three variations -

BioCert Authenticator FREEWARE -- This toolkit allows for up to 10 biometric templates in the built-in database. This version allows end users to test drive biometric technology and develop a proof of concept using the base toolkit. Additionally students can use the FREEWARE version to develop applications for the classroom or validate their thesis. The BioCert Authenticator FREEWARE will be shipped free of charge with the BioCert Hamster or Optimouse and may also be downloaded from ASGs website ( several shareware and freeware sites throughout the Internet.

BioCert Authenticator Professional -- This mid-range toolkit allows for up to 500 biometric templates in the built-in database and costs only $199.95.

BioCert Authenticator Enterprise -- ASGs most robust toolkit allows for up to 20,000 biometric templates in the built-in database for only $499.95.

Current customers that have completely integrated or are piloting projects utilizing the BioCert® Authenticator™ toolkits include:

US Federal District Courts -- This customer is using the BioCert® Authenticator™ Professional Toolkit to identify parolees as they are required to check-in with their parole officer. This allows the officer to biometrically identify the person sitting in front of them is the actual person that is required to be there. A record of the transaction is stored with the parolees record as an electronic signature for later verification or inspection.

National Mail Order Pharmacy -- This customer has implemented the BioCert® Authenticator™ Enterprise Edition to allow sales representatives and pharmacists to validate prescriptions for class II and class III narcotics and thus conform to government regulations while reducing paperwork simply by using their fingerprint.

Canadian Bank -- A bank in Canada is piloting the use of the BioCert® Authenticator™ Professional to allow people access to their safety deposit boxes through the use of fingerprint identification.

Medical Clinics -- Medical Clinics, Regional Hospitals and Physicians offices throughout the US are using the BioCert® Authenticator™ toolkits to limit and record employee access to healthcare records and thus comply with the requirements of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), a law passed by Congress in 1995 that guarantees privacy of medical records. Using the BioCert® technology, Doctors, Nurses, Clinician Management and Pharmacists can virtually guarantee that only authorized users will be able to view patient medical records and that a record of the viewing will be recorded to comply with the requirements of HIPAA.

Other companies have utilized the BioCert® ISV (Independent Software Vendor) solution to integrate BioCert® fingerprint technology into their software programs. A leading representative of this type of solution is Veritask Softwares - Biometric Employee Time Punch Clock ( that allows companies to accurately control employee time and attendance, eliminate time card fraud and ensure the accuracy of their payroll.

With all of this functionality and powerful matching, the BioCert® technology is surprisingly easy to integrate, deploy and use.

The BioCert® Authenticator Toolkit is a self-contained scanning and matching program with built-in secure database, class libraries and Active-X controls for Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® FoxPro, Microsoft® Visual Basic,, Iformix, Delphi, MSVB for applications and .asp programming languages.

ASG offers several flexible licensing options for this technology, including --

-- Freeware License: This license allows use of the software for one PC up to 10 fingerprints only. No distribution right is granted by this license.

-- Single PC Professional License: This license allows use of the software for one PC. No distribution right is granted by this license.

-- Corporate Enterprise License: This type of license allows for internal development and distribution of corporate applications within a single enterprise. No distribution right beyond your enterprise is granted by this license.

-- ISV Development License: This is a license that is designed for software manufacturers and developers when creating software for retail/wholesale distribution or distribution beyond a single enterprise.

ALL Licenses are subject to the terms and conditions of the BioCert® Biometric Authenticator Software License Agreement included in the index of the users manual and on the software CD.

"Imagine the possibilities of being able to obtain supervisor approval via biometrics on an email, adding a CEO's authorization to your budget, or HR authorization to a personnel record and know with certainty that the individual authorization is absolutely valid and secure. Managers can eliminate "buddy punching" fraud by using biometric authentication in their time & attendance program or reduce cycle time in manufacturing by having a quality control engineer sign off on a production run biometrically. Each of these time and money saving capabilities plus many more are immediately available using the BioCert® Authenticator™ Toolkits." -- James Childers, Owner ASG

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