Renovate the Empty Nest for $1,000 or Less

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Interior Door Replacement Company offers three makeover projects that promise major results.

As the "Y Generation" heads off to college, 80 million baby boomers are entering their empty nest years. With over 65 percent of high-school graduates enrolling in college, millions of parents are adjusting to newfound freedom at home.

"Nearly a quarter of empty nesters will renovate their homes after the kids fly the coop," points out Michel Hanet, owner of Interior Door Replacement Company in Scottsdale ( "Some will convert the graduate's bedroom into a study. Others go so far as tearing down walls to make room for a long-forgotten hobby. But many baby boomers are looking for an economical way to reclaim their home's identity," furthers Hanet who provides home renovation services.

Hanet offers three makeover projects for under $1000 that promise major results.

1) Fake it. Faux finish walls add color and texture with limited pain and suffering. Without the constant interruptions of football games and school dances, homeowners can use the free time to sponge, splatter and stipple their way to new surroundings. With minimal supplies and artistic ability, anyone's walls can be transformed to look like leather, denim, marble, stucco or even real wood.

2) Give your kitchen a face-lift. There's no need to remodel the entire kitchen to get a new look. Re-face old cabinet doors and drawer fronts, with newer, stylish materials including wood panel, wood veneer or laminate. Fresh facings can bring light and color into a functional kitchen that just needs a little sprucing up.

3) Remove the ccars of childhood - interior doors marred from years of indoor skateboarding, dart games and personal adornments will never look new again. Rather than sanding, scraping, repainting and patching doors that squeak and don’t fit anyway, why not replace them altogether? Working with existing door jams, Interior Door Replacement Company custom-sizes new doors off site, minimizing the hassle - and the mess - for homeowners. They even dispose of the old doors.

"Renovations don't have to be invasive and time-consuming," explains Hanet, who owns Interior Door Replacement Company in Scottsdale. "They don't even have to be expensive. Because our services start at $129, most homeowners can replace every interior door for less than a thousand dollars."

IDRC's five-step system minimizes discomfort for homeowners. A service team marks and picks up the old doors early in the week. During this visit, which takes less than an hour, they measure the door openings and note gaps or spots that rub. Back at the shop, the team uses proprietary tools to custom match, cut, sand and finish the new doors so that they fit correctly within the existing door jambs. Later in the week, the team returns to install the customized doors.

About IDRC

Since 1997, the IDRC franchise has custom installed more than 100,000 interior doors. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., IDRC has locations throughout California, Colorado, and Arizona and will soon be expanding to more states. For more information and an online gallery where doors can be custom designed, visit

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