Helping Make the New School Year Safer for Kids! Concerned author offers his book on sleep disorders, 'Shout! Sleep!,' free until 9/15/05

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The ringing of the first bell this school year should be a 'wake up' call to both parents and teenagers. Take this opportunity to download your free copy of "Shout! Sleep!" a $19.99 value.

A North Carolina state study found that drivers age 25 and younger cause more than one-half of all sleep-related auto crashes. Robert E Peterson RPSGT, author of two e-books on sleep disorders, thinks parents and kids should know the simple and sometimes frightening facts about teenagers and sleep as the new school year begins.

Citing a recent article by the National Sleep Foundation, "Too Many Teens May Be Sleepy Behind Their Desks- And Behind The Wheel," Mr. Peterson states that the teen's biological clock is naturally set to go to bed and sleep later.

Mr. Peterson quotes Richard L. Gelula, executive director of the NSF, "A teen's life and his/her ability to learn can be affected by the timing of that first morning school bell. Contrary to many beliefs, the early morning sleepiness teens experience isn't because their lazy. They are sleep deprived, but it isn't necessarily parties, video games and other activities keeping them awake at night. It's their biological clocks."

Mr. Peterson says that most teens need an average of 9.25 hours of sleep each night. But the sleep patterns of adolescents are affected by a phase delay, a natural tendency toward going to sleep and awakening later. A 1998 study showed that 40 percent of teens go to bed after 11 p.m. on school nights, and one-fourth sleep less than 6.5 hours on school nights.

A troubling consequence of sleep deprivation at any age is drowsy driving. But for teens, their sleep deprivation and inexperience behind the wheel can make for a particularly lethal combination.

Not Just Teens:

Mr. Peterson went on to say that sleep disorders and poor sleep hygiene effect kids at early ages as well. The early wake up time for most children is a major concern to sleep disorder experts. Government and Health officials are trying to get school start times pushed later.

Peterson's first e-book: "Professional Guide To Sleep Disorders Management" is an e-book written for the healthcare professional. Studies clearly show that most doctors do not inquire of their patient's sleep. This book outlines the screening procedures to identify patients who are not getting proper sleep. Studies also show doctors are well aware of sleep problems and list sleep as a high priority. Most doctors also stated they would make sleep a higher priority if simple diagnostic screening and treatment tools were available. Peterson says "Professional Guide To Sleep Disorders Management" is the exact tool doctors have been wanting. The Guide is available at and

Mr. Peterson feels his second e-book: "Shout! Sleep!" is a must read for both parents and teens. "It is up to the individual parent and teen to understand sleep disorders."

"Shout! Sleep!" explains sleep problems and will help everyone have a healthier, safer and more productive year. "Shout! Sleep!" is also available online at and

"Shout! Sleep!" free Download UNTIL 9/15/2005

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