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This 125-page e-book suggests that the only logical reason to take any company public is to use the publicly traded shares to acquire cash-producing assets and evolve the national company into being a multinational corporation.

As long as the primary goal of the U.S. Stock Markets is to create a "liquidity event" for officers, directors, insiders, venture capitalists, merchant bankers and brokerage firms, the public investors' only logical option is to gamble on stocks trading the Market. Paying to trade your company's shares to speculative public investors is ultimately fatal for any public company. Investor relations costs create scandals. The costs eventually lead to bankruptcy. The publicity cost to find public stock buyers for these rapidly trading shares isn't sustainable as the company's "liquidity event" expands or the economy contracts.

Venture Capital Profits, an ebook by William Cate, offers a new vision of the purpose of the U.S. Market. Mr. Cate believes that CISCO Systems use of their publicly traded shares to acquire cash producing assets should be the primary goal of every public company. In his view, the public company "liquidity event" is lethal and should never occur. He suggests that public company's can end the sale of nonexistent shares, the core issue in the Stockgate Scandal, by focusing upon finding investors and not speculators in the public market place. He believes that hype for hype's sake only creates the need for more hype every quarter. And, hype is very costly to buy.

Since the U.S. Dollar is preferred over many local currencies and the public company's shares are valued in U.S. Dollars, the target acquisitions are most easily found in developing countries. This means the public company using the Venture Capital Profits Strategy has no choice but to become a multinational corporation. Further, that being a multinational corporation changes the basic relationship between any business and the governments that profit from the jobs created by that company.

The Venture Capital Profits strategy is supported by the members of the Global Village Investment Club [ the largest venture capital club in the world. Beowulf Investments [ , is a merchant bank that has been advising and helping clients go public in the States for over 20 years. It funds its clients that adopt the VCP strategy. Also, you can find some of Mr. Cate's articles at [http://www.GoArticles.Com

Multi-nationalism has been the trend for the past quarter century. Venture Capital Profits is the logical next step in the evolution of the world economy. As jobs fled North America and Western Europe in the past 25 years, so will the corporations in the next two decades. For many national companies it's a question of being global or going bankrupt. The wise corporate planner looks at Venture Capital Profits as a possible key to a successful corporate future.

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