Candidate Announces "The South is Up for Grabs in '06"

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The Tallitsch for Congress Campaign committee has nominated Stacey Tallitsch for the First District of Louisiana in the U.S. House of Representatives, to run against Bobby Jindal in 2006.

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The Tallitsch for Congress Campaign committee has nominated Stacey Tallitsch for the First District of Louisiana in the U.S. House of Representatives, to run against Bobby Jindal in 2006.

Stacey Tallitsch (pronounced “Tal-ish”) is a computer engineer and an administrator at Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans. The Democratic candidate represents the new Zeitgeist of Progressive values and comes with a wealth of ideas on how to make this country stronger for living Americans, not just paper entities and oil barons.

In November 2005 two books written by Stacey Tallitsch are due to hit the shelves. The first is called the "Promise Keepers Act: an American Compact," which lists ten articles pledged to the American people in the first 100 days of regaining a majority. Stacey is working hard to engage 110 freshman candidates for the 110th Congress as signatories of this compact. As the “Real Promise Keepers” tour the country in a unified voice, it is Stacey's vision of a majority win in 2006, and the first step in reclaiming our country.

Gov. Howard Dean, the Democratic National Chairman, first heard of this book from Stacey Tallitsch during a recent visit to New Orleans at a fundraiser. Upon hearing about the book, a noticeable gleam sparked in Gov. Dean's eyes, saying, “We need people like you to do this…it's the only way we're going to succeed in taking our country back.”

Stacey believes that in the face of a failed foreign and domestic policy by Republicans, the time has come to stand up to bullies like Tom DeLay's enabler. That Congress is wrong to support third-world tyrants. It's wrong to outsource our high-tech jobs to slave-labor nations like India. It's wrong to aggressively work to de-value the dollar, and it's wrong with their “kill all the zealots” war of profit around the world, while claiming such behavior is biblically sound.

However, Stacey thinks Republicans are completely genuine in their beliefs. “When Republicans say these things, they're not lying,” says Stacey. “Their behavior is biblically sound to the one written by Anton LeVey, just not Peter, Paul, Luke and Mark.”

The second book, also due out in November is called the "Bare Naked Truth: on the Religious Right," seeks to inform the American people on the true nature of our home-grown Taliban. Stacey believes that if Americans are able to kick the soap-box out from under these fringe groups, “they will fall flat on their faces, and for that reason they are frightened.” Stacey says this book forces Religious Right to come clean with their agenda and answer for their abuse, materialism and Machiavellian self-pontification in the name of God.

Admittedly to date, Stacey Tallitsch is the only candidate standing up for democracy in the face of theocratic control by a small band of wealthy televangelists, but not for very long.

In officially announcing his candidacy, Stacey Tallitsch says, “The South is up for grabs in '06. We are no longer going to be the sanctuary of the Republican Party.”

Adding in a stoic tone, “Republicans in Congress have forgotten they have their job by our good graces, not the other way around. They are not royalty, they were not divinely elected, they were put in power by the people, for the people, but you wouldn't know that by looking at them today.”

“Thankfully, every two years the Constitution gives us the opportunity to over-throw the government,” Stacey said. “It's time to send them home, or to prison. The choice is ours, not theirs.”

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