Network Marketing Coach Robb West Announces Exclusive Partnership With Team DaVinci

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"We pledge to get each new Team DaVinci member earning $1,000 a week. Once we do that, you'll know how to earn $10,000 a week," Coach Robb West says.

Robb West, of Camano Island, Wash., takes this industry seriously. With over 15-years of dedication to training others on how to realize their dreams through network marketing, Robb has put his network marketing gear back on and joined Team DaVinci in a full-time endeavor... to the top. Why would Robb leave is successful business of coaching and mentoring others to market limited edition art? "It really wasn't a hard decision, or one that took a lot of time." said West. "I took one look at the company background, leadership, and compensation system and I knew if I passed it up now, I'd be kicking myself later. Plus, being part of Team DaVinci gives me a chance to do what I love. And that is to teach others how, by thinking differently, people can make choices that transform obstacles into opportunity."

Robb has taught 1000's of network marketers his cold market and cross line team building techniques, which separate the successful from the hopeful. And his business with Team DaVinci is no different. While his goal is to build a large, cohesive organization, Robb also practices what he preaches by reaching out to the large number of Network Marketers in the industry. "My goal is a simple one. I'm looking for 5-10 people who have a little network marketing experience, a lot of desire, and they must be coachable." Robb's coaching services normally cost $300 per hour but not for members of Team DaVinci who have the mother load in coaching, lead generation, and public relations. "The people I select to join me on my first two levels, will not only receive everything I have to offer, but all the perks Team DaVinci offers as well." said West. "And because I work where I'm deserved, not needed, the people who come to me with the most experience will also receive Free Pre-Qualified Marketers every month." Pre-Qualified Marketers are a service that Smart Age Media provides exclusively for Team DaVinci members.

Pre-Qualified Marketers are people from the network marketing or home business arena who are interested in joining our business. These are not "leads". These are people who have gone through an approval process and have been qualified for interest and money by 2 different people by the time they're given your web site information. The prospect is then passed onto you for follow-up. "It's almost like falling off a log." said Team DaVinci Membership Coordinator Nelson Cornelius, "By the time these people have been given your web site, they're good to go."

"It all starts with identifying the best team. Surrounding your self with sincere, honest, documented successful team players who use methods, which produce results. Integrity is vital. Integrity in our company, our exciting product, and great compensation is the key to your vault. NOW, together we are ready to take lives to the next level and beyond." Are you ready? To be considered for the most exciting venture of your lifetime, contact Mr. West directly.

About Robb West

Robb has been married to his wonderful wife Gayle for over 24 years and has a beautiful daughter Hedy Renee and a new son, Winston Osborne West. W.O.W. There is eighteen years between their two children. All four of them, four cats, a sugar glider and the dog all currently reside on Camano Island, in the State of Washington.

About Team DaVinci

Team DaVinci is a group of honest, hard working people from the network marketing and Internet marketing industries. Utilizing the successful and well designed organization building approach through sets of “teams”, orchestrated and taught by Coach Robb West; the placement and team implementation strategies of Nelson Cornelius as Membership Coordinator; Adrianne Hopkins as Media Coordinator; Mike Bromell as Public Relations intermediary and 70 other members dedicated to helping each team member succeed, your success is in capable hands.

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