Specialty Match Network Announces EventMingle.com, An Event Based Social Networking Application for the Conference and Trade Show Industry

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EventMingle.com allows attendees, exhibitors, speakers and press editors to meet online, prior to attending the actual event in order to enhance the one-to-one interaction during the event.

Specialty Match Network today officially announced EventMingle.com as the web based application begins it beta test phase. http://www.EventMingle.com is the first online “event based social networking” application designed to allow event participants to meet, interact and engage prior to arriving at the event by actually partnering with the event producer (also know as the show organizer or sponsor). Show producers share in the revenue generated from EventMingle.com while enhancing the overall networking aspects for all participants. Until now, if a show producer wanted to add an online social networking web based application for their show, they had to purchase the software or pay for the service. EventMingle.com isn’t a cost burden to the show producer; it is actually an additional source of revenue.

Inherit challenges faced by attendees, exhibitors, VIPs and vendors.

An event’s success can be measured most often by the number of new connections and cultivation of existing relationships made by event participants. There are limitations associated with each aspect of large event planning, including those related to communication, logistics, registration, and scheduling, among others. As such, Event Producers often maintain close guard over registration and published attendee lists in order to control the flow and outcome of the event. However, this greatly limits the potential interaction among event participants, often arriving to conferences unprepared and without a way to tell if they are missing a potential contact or relationship. This creates a “treasure hunt” atmosphere, as event participants must rely on chance when making connections at a conference. Event Producers try to improve these chance meetings by creating different badge colors for Attendees and Exhibitors but these methods are old and outdated.

Event participants spend valuable time trying to identify potential relationships in the following ways:

•    Attendees - Attendees often show up to a conference with little or no preparation, and rely heavily upon studying the event program and breakout sessions to identify potential relationships. Connections made on the exhibit floor are often “chance meetings.” In addition, most Attendees feel they have no way to connect with Speakers, who often appear “unreachable” or mobbed after a session.

•    Exhibitors - Conferences offer Exhibitors a chance to meet with their existing customers, meet new customers and visit with editors or analysts. Exhibitors spend an average of $810 per thousand prospects and more on printing and postage to attract prospects. However, prior to the event beginning, they have no idea what to expect in terms of who will be coming to their booth. As Attendees enter their booth, Exhibitors have no idea who the visitors are and, most importantly, if they are buyers. Finally, Exhibitors seldom look at conferences as a perfect opportunity to scout out partnerships with other Exhibitors, M&A candidates and staff recruitment, even though it is the perfect venue for such activities.

•    VIPs (speakers, press, VCs, recruiters) - VIPs have a difficult time maximizing their time at conferences as they often want to meet with Exhibitors so they can keep up with relevant trends. In addition, although they usually have unlimited access to Exhibitors, they often cannot get access to the right representatives without some effort. Networking is extremely important to VIPs, but they have no idea who else is going to the show until they get there.

•    Vendors (car services, modeling agencies, restaurants, airlines) - Event participants may need the external vendor’s products or services, but there is no efficient way to reach them. Attendees and Exhibitors at conferences seek these local support services yet have no simple way to know who they are or the specific services they provide.

For each conference, there are a number of Vendors that offer goods and services to the Attendees and Exhibitors. In most cases, these Vendors have no way of reaching out to conference participants since that information is held closely by the Event Producer. These Vendors include, but are not limited to, airlines, car services, restaurants, hotels, shipping, entertainment, conference giveaways and logo items.

The http://www.EventMingle.com Solution.

http://www.SpecialtyMatch.com has developed an event based online social networking web based application called EventMingle.com to address the shortcomings mentioned above. By actually partnering with the Event Producer, EventMingle.com enables attendees, exhibitors, VIPs and vendors to opt-in and meet each other online in a unique way.

http://www.EventMingle.com is a configurable event-specific online social networking application design to increase time efficiency, focused interaction, and maximized participant presence. This eliminates most of the “treasure hunt” aspects of attending a conference resulting in a better experience for Attendees, Exhibitors, VIPs and Vendors.

Working with the Event Producer, EventMingle.com enables event participants to efficiently:

•    Introduce and interact with event participants prior to the event.

•    Perform effective pre-event marketing and inquiries.

•    Schedule appointments and meet with other event participants.

•    Market goods and services to other event participants, such as hotel, air and ground transportation.


•    Meet with Exhibitors to purchase goods and services.

•    Network with Exhibitors for business development opportunities.

•    Meet VIPs and Attendees for knowledge and networking.

•    Attend conference for job searching purposes.


•    Meet Attendees for selling their goods and services.

•    Meet editors to create editorial reviews and articles.

•    Meet with speakers for product exposure.

•    Meet with other Exhibitors for partnering and M&A.

•    Meet with potential candidates for recruiting.

•    Meet with industry analysts for product briefing.

•    Meet with investors


•    Scout for investment opportunities.

•    Meet Exhibitors and customers (esp. Fortune 500).

•    Interview with editors for press mentions.

•    Editors looking for news worthy participants.

•    Industry analysts interested in identifying trends.


•    Sell goods and services to participants attending the conference.

    http://www.SpecialtyMatch.com believes the social network for each show will improve each year as Attendees and Exhibitors become more familiar with EventMingle.com. Also, EventMingle.com can enable tools for managing post show activities such as conference and session surveys, meeting follow-up, business card management, etc. As a result of successful interactions aided by EventMingle.com, Attendees look to attend a show again each year. As a result of improved return on investment aided by EventMingle.com, Exhibitors return and expand their participation in additional EventMingle.com conferences. This leads to a successful event that the Show Producer can bank year-after-year. In fact, we believe EventMingle.com will become the year around social networking destination for the event, even when the event has concluded.

Win-Win for Event Producers.

Since Specialty Match Network takes a partnering view point when deploying EventMingle.com for a conference, trade show, or event there is no cost burden placed on the Event Producer. The Event Producer doesn’t have to sell sponsorships or raise prices to deploy this web based application. EventMingle.com professional services works with the Event Producer to deploy a specific online destination for their event. This process usually takes about a week.

Event Producers can find out more about http://www.EventMingle.com by writing to info@specialtymatch.com

About Specialty Match Network.

http://www.SpecialtyMatch.com specializes in building next generation online social networks to help people meet, interact, and engage based on their similar interests, needs and lifestyle. Our experience in building online communities and getting them to market started with computer Bulletin Boards Systems (BBS) and enterprise software solutions. Today we've developed the next generation of matching and online relationship tools to create useful social networks that span a variety of needs and subjects. Social networking is our passion.

Our technology was developed and deployed to create two online dating properties. The company is now focusing our attention to create a web based application to create an event based social networking application for the conference, trade show and event sector.

Specialty Match Network's leadership team has a proven track record for building award winning technology, combined with years of experience that enables us to create useful and compelling online social networks. Social networking is in the heart of everything we do.

For more information on http://www.SpecialtyMatch.com, write to info@specialtymatch.com


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